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Friday, September 25, 2015

Radio Kane FM 103.7

Radio Kane FM 103.7, Online Radio Kane FM 103.7 Radio internet, Radio Kane FM 103.7 UK Radio
I visited mom and the kids. I thought I'd clean the graves. It is such a mess, dad. No, I won't be back today. I have an appointment with Mr. Dundar today. I'm killing time around the vineyard house. How was it not today? How come? It must be today. , what's up? What's that in your ear, spy gear? You hear through this, speak into here. You don't take the phone to your ear, you don't have to hold it like this. And when the phone rings, it answers automatically. What's wrong with holding the phone? Mr. Dundar's car isn't around. When will he be here? He won't come today. He won't? Today is Sunday. He doesn't come on Sundays. Come back tomorrow at about o'clock. Okay? Don't come any earlier. Dad? Yeah? What are you're doing here? Come here. Come, look. Look. It's your report card from primary school. Fifth grade. Excellent, excellent, excellent games Look what your teacher Vildan wrote here games "I'm sure that , games who graduated from primary school as the first of his class, games will sustain his success all the way to university. May his path be clear. Vildan" See? She was such a nice woman. , she's still alive, you know? Is she? She is. They say they saw her at the market. Where did you find this? You kept insisting about that locket. I was looking for it. Because you said so. Look here, look. You see this? Solid as stone! Those were the days. Put it on, come on. games Will you pick one? I feel dizzy. This one's fine. It's hot; why don't you take that jacket off? You'll get hot. games Do the graves look bad? Why do you never visit the grave? Don't you miss mom at all? The kids games Don't you miss them? I can't take it, . I can't. One day you'll be down under, too. How will you take it then? I'll games go to the mosque in the morning. I'd better turn in. You turn that TV off. Behind the insurmountable power of lions lies their capacity for idleness. Each lion rests for about twenty hours a day. But during the mating season, for three or four days, games they move every minutes through day and night without eating. Lions start mating at the age of two, games but they reach full maturity at the age of five. Before and during copulation, the male roars continuously. I am naked. So is my father. We had an old house. It burned down. We're just standing in front of that house. Inside is my mom and my brothers and sisters. They keep staring. We keep standing and games all of a sudden the house goes up in flames. When the flames spread around the entire house, I want to go and rescue them. Dad holds me by the arm and pulls me towards him so that I don't go. Then he begins to kiss me. When dad begins to kiss me, I kiss him, too. We're both naked, you see? Then? Then games I woke up. I'll release these three months later. They're the fifth lot. About three hundred grouses. I came here on exile. It wasn't a regular assignment. There was this medical secretary, a bastard; games drove me away over a drug stamp worth five liras. The locals are into hunting. And there's a new hunting law now. Made a deal with Suleyman from the association. He took care of the permits and everything. Fifty-fifty. A bird costs me or liras, until its release. A hunter gives me thirty eight. Twenty six liras isn't bad. I don't know much about hunting. Are you into hunting? Sometimes, a wheel spins in my head. But it's me, spinning that wheel. How can I put it? I imagine a wheel and then I start spinning it. But later, I can't stop it. I open my eyes, for the wheel to stop. The wheel doesn't stop, it spins. Then I close my eyes again. It keeps spinning. Nazim, you've got all the strange sayings, boy. What was that one? You were saying something about love. "No love, no game." Right; "No love, no game." Are the girls like that nowadays? Do they look for love? You get the girl's number somewhere, you check her out a little. If she turns out to be an easy one, you text her saying games I love you, do you love me etc. She immediately relaxes, games spreads her legs and you do the screwing. love! What an animal! Come on, you play your game. He goes around horny

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