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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Heart Of Praise Radio

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It's an apartment building. Nice going, Kenny. Uh, we tailed him from a guy who makes fake I.D.S, so I'm guessing he's not gonna be here for very long. I'll have some guys there soon. All right. Last chance, then you're digging ditches. Change first, but whatever. What happens now? Well, he's sending some guys over, so all we got to do is make sure Tomas doesn't leave. See that dude in front there? That's that prick I was talking about. Oh, rich? That little guy in the middle? Yeah? He's been wanting to fight me since day one. I don't know what his problem is. I almost feel bad that we're helping these guys. Listen, um game I'm probably not gonna be seeing you again anytime soon. What do you mean? God, whatever, Tomas. You know what? You're being just like any other guy with your bullshit. Will you just wait a second? No. I will not wait a second. And I will not wait for your explanation. I got to admit, though. I have never heard the "bookie's after me for $," excuse. Lame. I really wish you'd just listen to me for a second. Yeah? Can I help you guys? No, but he can. Okay. All right, all right, all right. You know what? Just game can we take this outside? Why? Is that where you keep your money? I don't have it right now, all right? But I'm gonna get it. Why don't you just call your buddy here and have him bring it instead? My buddy? We saw you guys last week by the piers. You were giving him something. That's not my buddy, all right. That's just some fan who wanted an autograph. Can we get your autograph, too? All right, this is crazy. I'm gonna call the police. Aw, now why you got to go do that? So, how long's it take three punks to kick the crap out of one action star? What? Let's go. What do we do? What do we do? What do we do? Call an ambulance. Yeah, yeah game Hey! Who you calling? Huh? You gonna come kick this phone away from me? What if I do? See what happens. I'll get you later. Welcome back to "celebrity action rehab live!" Now we will meditate to the music as our anger and tension melt away. Guess who I saw yesterday. Who did you see? Sylvester wonton. No way. Oh, what was the name of that last movie he did? "Garbage man." Did anybody go see that? Yeah, I did. It was like being a tampon in a heavy flow, but you needed another one. I needed to call for backup. Well, Ivan's dead. I can't kill rich and Vic now. Not game "let's all three of them," you know? It doesn't feel right. They're like the three brothers, the three amigos, three compadres. And when I started bugging him, he got pissed at me 'cause his friend died. And I'm like, "am I supposed to care about that?" He'd be perfect for the show. I'll be right back. Are you just stupid? Is that what the problem is? He put Manny in the hospital. He just threw Ivan out of a window. So you thought, "kill this guy game an eye for an eye." Cover your tracks really well "and everything will be just fine?" Never mind the grand, so long as you teach someone a lesson? That's what the goal is here? He just killed Ivan. Ivan was a prick and he slept with your sister. Ask him. Why don't you speak English game hey, why don't you shut up or I'll kill you right here? How about that? Look, let me just explain to Carl, okay? I said shut up or I will drop you in the street. You're not explaining anything to my dad. In fact, he doesn't want you anywhere near his curb. Here's what you two are gonna do game you're gonna find Ken and his little buddy and you're gonna follow them wherever they go. And you better hope Ken finds Sameer, and you really better hope Sameer has that money you're so sure he has. What if Ken doesn't find anything? Did I not tell him to shut up or I'll kill him? Do not speak in my presence any more. Find Ken. Then your life depends on him finding Sameer. And you, call me when it's an order. Or a text. Shoot me a text. Go. Aren't you tired? I haven't pulled an all-nighter in a long time, you know? If you want to take off and get some rest, it's cool with me if you don't mind walking or taking a bus. All right. Hey, listen, man. Um, I don't know what you're planning on doing now,

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