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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Capital Radio 95.8 FM

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This trip was a waste of time, so I'm not gonna blame you for ruining the night. But I just need you to know, Kat, that my life is not a waste of time. Hey, guys. Grigory wanted me to let you know that he wanted you to find a way to work together in the future. Maybe keep in contact with him, these are a gift from him. They're from his line which you might consider carrying? Cool, yeah. We'll keep in touch. Okay. Yeah, thanks again for dinner. Yeah, of course, it was really fun. Thanks, guys. Thank you. Night. Hey, I'm sorry, Trevor. I'm gonna write you a check for $, when we get back to Austin, and then games I would like us to try and be friends. You really think that's gonna work? Well, I think it works how we want it to work, don't you? Are we just gonna let Danny pull the strings and give him what he wants 'cause the wealthy client's always right? What games what does he want? How much did you hate me at the end? Not as much as you hated me. Well, I know you. That's why. It's games that's the beauty part. Maybe. Okay, you know who my cab driver was this morning in Austin to the airport? Do I know this person? No, I mean games No, he's just some guy. I don't know him. You don't know him. He was just this guy who looked like Willie Nelson. I thought everybody down there looked like Willie Nelson. Not everybody. Anyway, he games this guy games he was just games This guy was from America. He's like this old hippie guy driving a cab. You know, telling me his whole games like, long Texas life story. And I'm, like, this is games it's not my story. It's not my, like, it's not games This is not my reality. I get off the plane at JFK, catch a cab, yellow cab, right? Pakistani guy is on his cellphone, yammering away to another Pakistani guy, totally ignoring me, and I'm just in the back seat going, "yeah, man, this is more like it." So, come back. Is there some, like games some legal thing you got to stay for the money or something? No, there's no games there's nothing keeping me there. It's my money. I can do whatever I want with it. I can do anything I want with it, you know? And I think games I'm thinking, you know games that, you know games If you're gonna start to ing romance me games What? I'll ing stab you. With this cheese grater knife. Listen, don't stab me, all right? I'm not. I'm not trying to do that. I love you. I love you, I do. I still love you. I just think I can games God, no, don't. I do games listen, you know what kind of place we could get? I mean, amazing. New place. We could move into a brownstone on Gramercy Park if we want. That's what I games You want to make this difficult for me? No. Again? I'm not. I'm not, no. I'm talking about our marriage. I don't know. Did I do something wrong? I did games that came games I did it wrong. I did it wrong. I've always been loyal. That's just who I am. Let's talk about trust? Trust is one of those things that we have to earn from each other, all right? And some people games some bloody people just can't ing control themselves. Man, that sure is a beautiful dog. Thanks. Hello? Hey, If I hadn't been a client, if I had just been some funny stoner that you met, would I have had a shot at you? Answer my question first. Trevor can tell you what this is all about. He should tell you, but I don't know. I don't get reality anymore. Well, you have been smoking a lot of pot for a long time. Well, that's just part of it. Come on. Did I have a shot with you? This is sort of important. Well, I think you're awesome, but the short answer is no. What's the long answer? No. Okay, well, I'm doing one thing right. What? Yeah. Well games You're not sleeping in the car, are you? I have this ex-client, Tallie. Very hot body. She would love to meet a crazy-ass rich dude. Is that Danny? You know what? Scratch that, actually. You can do better. It doesn't even matter anyway, Danny. Just go to these bars where these chicks hang out and say games Can I talk to him? "Hey, I'm a rich guy looking to treat a lady nice." You could even go to, like, a sorority. Here. Give us the phone. Okay, Trevor

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