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Friday, September 11, 2015

Absolute Radio 105.8 FM

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wants to yell at you. Hey, Danny. I feel betrayed, man. He says you want to tell me something? I broke up with my ing wife again, man. Well, I'm sorry to hear that. That's games yeah, that's tough. You know, you're just gonna have to grieve, and then when you're ready, you're gonna have to pick yourself up and start using that heart muscle again. What? Just put it on speaker. It was like I was saying last night, you know? I know, Kat told me the same thing, you know, like, that I should go out and get some bimbo. Just someone who's nice to you. No, not a bimbo. Just a starter girlfriend. Just something lightweight, okay? You've got some bad habits. You just need to retrain yourself. That's a fitness metaphor. Just start all over again? You just games you got to be strong, okay? You got to be focused. You've also got to have fun, though, remember that, okay? I got to go. Danny? Don't you ing touch me! you! What the , man? Five hundred and forty two photos in this folder, and they're just the greatest hits, really. I might have a shower, I think. Is Lorenzo really a biual gigolo? Yeah. Not full-time, but he has with both genders and gets gifts for that, so, yeah. Well, that's fine, I guess. Good night, again. Night. Morning. Morning. Come on, keep up. Now what? God. Where are you? Somewhere in the desert way ahead of you in the dorkmobile. Are you hungry? Is that okay? It's perfect, thanks. Carlos said he knew how to do it. I just had never heard of it before with the whites of the eggs. This is exactly right. So you just kind of pull the yolk out of it? Yeah, you can just pour it back from one half to the other, and eventually, they'll just separate out. Does it taste better? No, it's just less in saturated fat. Okay. Hey, are you still going to want to me if we have to talk business partner stuff every day? I might not want to you. Listen, babe, I don't want to put words in your mouth, but games Where is this "babe" thing coming from? I was under the impression that you were burnt out on training. Well, yeah, you know. I just got tired of selling everyone this bullshit that I could change their lives for them, you know? I know we're supposed to be telling them that they're doing it for themselves, but I mean, come on. You just got to trust them. And by the way, this is still the business we're in, okay? You can change their lives because you believe in it, and Trevor, that's fine. I'm just games I'm in the back now running the shit. Lunch is on me, by the way. Look, I think we can both agree that sleeping together, taken on its own merits, it's pretty fantastic. It's not terrible. It just hasn't always had good outcomes, though, has it? If you don't believe that people can games Excuse me! games change. Excuse me. Yeah, there's an extra charge on here for substitution on his omelette. Well, like I said, we've never done that before with the whites of the eggs. It's fine, just games That's not an substitution, that's a subtraction, so if anything, it should be costing less. It's more work, Kat. It's more. They've got to separate it. You can talk to my manager if you want, but I'm supposed to charge you for that. Why? It's common sense. Kat. Kat. No, Trevor, listen. If you say, "I want a cup of black coffee, don't bring me any cream or sugar," do you charge extra for the trouble of not providing those things? I mean, come on. It's ridiculous. Okay, you're kind of getting rude. Jesus Christ, Kat. Here. Just take my credit card and charge the whole amount, and I promise, you'll get a really good tip. Thank you. Man, you love getting ripped off, which is another reason you need me as a business partner. Listen, do you have feelings for me? Yeah, I mean games What do you mean? Well, can you describe those feelings? Describe your feelings. You're unbelievable. I just can't get you to admit to anything. I mean, I should just walk out of here and go and get a lawyer. Two lawyers, actually. One to sue Danny for trying to me over and one to take out a restraining order on you, but I'm not doing that. I'm not doing that. But can you at least just tell me how you think it's fair that I'm gonna torpedo my life because I love you? You have a good day. Let's just go, shall we? Yeah. I'll see you back in Austin. Okay. Can I ask you something? What did Danny want you to tell me? All right, okay. But, also games I love you, too. We're both so screwed. We're really, really screwed. And I feel dizzy, which I'm also too old for. Tell me if it doesn't feel good. It feels great. No, go back. I like that show. No, no, douche city. Okay. Hi. Can we help you? Yeah, your door was open. My name's Danny. I'm a multimillionaire. I was gonna throw a party at my house, sort of an outreach thing. I know your sisterhood does a lot of community service, and this is just sort of a thank you. Booze and everything, on me, and games yeah. Come on over, bring your friends. Bring whatever. Whatever you want. Yeah. I'm not a douchebag.

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