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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Planet Rock Radio

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we've seen each other. I didn't come to see you because there is nothing to say. There has to be. He is your eldest son. Nothing can change that. He changed it. If he comes back, he'll be treated the way I said. And go to work as a hired hand. I did not want your care or shelter. My father was killed by your gun. When the fever left, I had only one thought left. To leave this house. But lying there. I have had time to think. To know that game there is no life. For any of us. Unless this hate is forgotten. Nothing is forgotten. Understand that, nothing. And it's not your place to tell me what to do. You are right. Nobody can tell you what to do. Best get back to your room. Aleta, you shouldn't be out of bed. She's alright Clay. Martha can take care of her. What's she doing here, Pa? Jawing about a lot of things that are none of her business. You and Dan? Clay. That girl's here to get well. That's all. You got to allow for all that's happened Pa. That couldn't have been helped. But you can't treat her like any other game Like any other squaw? No, I could treat her like you do. Like a country belle. I didn't say that. You don't have to. I see you carrying flowers to her room every day. Snivelling around her every time you get a chance. What's wrong with treating her like a human-being? A human-being? Come on Clay. Why, every time I want to look for you for something game I have to send Manuel to her room to get you. Sure Pa, I like her, but I think you're making too much of it. Well don't you make too much of it. And listen here. As long as this girl is sick she can stay under my roof. That don't change my feelings about anyone like her becoming part of this family. I brought her here Pa. Taking care of her has meant a lot to me. Whether she's sick or well. I want her to stay. Martha game the Halliday brand stands for certain things. It always has, it always will. As long as you and Clay are part of this ranch. You will respect those things. You heard what I just told Clay. Nobody like her has any part in our lives. What's got to happen to change you? You heard what I got to say on the subject. That settles it. That's the end of it. I hope Dan does come back. I pray to God he makes you twist and crawl. It might not do any good, but I want to see it. Now Martha, I'm well enough to travel now. I must game Will you look for Daniel? Now what could I tell him, now? No, I'm going home where I belong. Aleta, I'll come with you. I would love to see Jivaro's home again. Aleta. I wish you'd let me drive you back. You've been very kind, Clay. But, it is best this way. Where's Big Dan? Yes game what is it Jeffrey? This. I found it the first thing this morning. Knowing how things are, I thought I'd better bring it out. Where did you find it? Stuck in front of the jail. Maybe some kids pulling a stunt. This is no kid's work. Sounds like thunder. That's no thunder. Cattle. Stampede! Manuel! He's come back Martha. Look. It's our brand again. Must be three thousand head busted loose. Your son must be loco. What you going to do? That will be between your brother and me. I lost the track. Form a posse. He's no outlaw. He's deified me. I'm the law. But sending a posse after him, making it known to everybody game I don't care who knows. He means nothing to me any more. Absolutely nothing. Well, you're my deputy. Go on, get started. This the fourth time he's back-tracked. He's got more tricks than a wounded bear. Alright, here's where he broke off again. Let's go. Look Pa! A fire at the winter-wheat. He can't protect his own property. How's he going to protect yours? Get a new Sheriff or you're next. You think he means it? Where you been all afternoon? I just built a new barn. We all got winter wheat. We're wasting time. You have to think of someone else besides yourself, Pa. Yeah game I am thinking game thinking hard. I've done something for every man here. Protecting his livestock game his farm game even his life. For years every single one of you has looked to me when you're in trouble. Now, he's out there somewhere. We're going to get him. Even if we have to sleep

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