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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Radio BBC Radio 5 Live Sport Exstra

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Was that normal for her to carry a switchblade in her apron? I don't know. I'm hungry, though. You hungry? Oh, morning. Afternoon. Really? Yeah. I made you some breakfast. You might have to heat it up a little. Thanks. Hey, you think I could borrow your car again? I-I-I got to get down to game Tomas, I have to get to class and I have to work later. Right, right. What is it? I was thinking, you know, you and I, we should game need to take a trip, you know? Like, let's get out of here, you know? Let's do something to break the routine. Just me and you, you know? Uh, that would be nice, but you know I have finals next week. But maybe after that. Mm-hmm. And besides, you have to finish your movie, right? Yeah, you're right. Yeah. Okay. I got to go. Yeah, who is it? It's Tomas. If you're in debt, why don't you just use this to pay whoever you owe money to? 'Cause I think I need a little bit more on the down before I could start making payments. Huh. Okay. Same time tomorrow game You got a passport and I.D. Okay. . Mmm. What? Want me game want me to get something else? You're game you're game You're not even worried about what Michelle might do to her now-ex-boyfriend? Why? Do you have some special place in your heart for cheaters? No, I game I'm just saying, what if she actually goes and nunchakus this guy up or worse? Yeah, well, she might do that. She might have done that to the last guy. I guess we'll never know, right? Unless she pays us to follow her. Okay, so game You're saying if you don't see anything, then. Out of sight out of mind. I suggest you get used to it, all right? Nick and I got paid for delivering information to people, not for what they do with it. Hang on. I got to take this. Hello? Welcome back to "celebrity action rehab live!" Did you move my stuff? What stuff? My makeup bag in the bathroom. Did you move my stuff? Why would I move game Oh, really? What's this? Ladies, ladies. Are we here to fight addictions or are we here to fight each other? Hey, you down to make a couple extra g's tonight? Uh, yeah. What game what's going on? Uh, my buddy needs backup. W-what does that mean, "backup"? Uh, we're probably just gonna make sure he doesn't, uh game nothing goes crazy. Whatever. Hey, you ever see that show, "celebrity action rehab"? No, what game It's stupid. But what are we gonna do? Prime time slot. Let's go. I'll tell you in the car. W-wha game you're real smart, game . I game I just want to know who we're backing up. Hey! Thanks man. Why you always messing with my car? Who is this? So, what's up? Some guy stole a Van full of missing artwork on the way to the museum. I've been telling him for an hour now game Three guys, didn't really recognize them. They're probably buyers. Okay, so, who hired you? The museum? No, actually, this is the delivery company. They figure the missing Van would be low priority for the police. So u-haul hires bounty hunters? Was I talking to you? I'm just saying it's kind of funny, a delivery company's hiring game if you want a cut of this money, you better watch your mouth. I'm not even saying anything about you, man. Yeah, I didn't figure you'd want this again. Again? You're memory's a little altered there, buddy. Hey, hey. Come on. Look, we're here to get your back, okay? Relax. Let's go. All right. So, anyway, like I was saying game All right, there's four guys. They're unloading the artwork right now. These guys are low-level. The leader looks like he's young noir or something like that. Three guys in there look like they're going clubbing afterwards. Wait, wait. How many guys you trying to catch? I don't know. Why don't you get a calculator and go figure it out? Hey, I'm just game So, what's the plan? My client's paying me to get the artwork back. The Van they sold. And whatever happens, happens. Question game why wouldn't any of these guys have guns or something? They probably do. But if they do, then so do we. Yeah, well, I don't. Oh, yeah. What did you expect, you idiot? Don't worry about it. There's two of us. We got your back. If people start shooting, just hang back. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

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