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Thursday, September 17, 2015

BBC Radio World Service

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Hang back and see if you get a cut of the money. Don't worry. Just do what you do. Oh, what are they doing here? Who? Those three guys in black. Those are Carl's guys. Oh, good. So we don't have to worry about them? I don't know. I'm not buddies with them or anything. I'm just saying I know them and they know me. So what now? Well, I'm guessing they're here to do some kind of deal, and since we're trying to stop that from happening game all right, all right, all right. Well, we'll see. All right, hey, I'm gonna go take those three. Fine. I got the guys on the left. W-what about the other guys? Okay. On three? Hey! Everybody get on the ground! Ken? Hey, man. I'm just helping my buddy with these guys. We're not here for you. Hey, get on the ground. Stan, just one second. Carl sent us here to pick up some stuff. Think you know what that means. Yeah, well, my buddy's here to get that stuff back, so I'm sure you understand. I'm sure Carl will, too. I don't think Carl likes you as much as you think he does. Hey, man, I'm still working for him just like you. Come on, guys. Let's go. Hey! Why isn't face on the ground? What did you say? I said, "why are you on the ground, face?" Stan, relax. Guns are for pussies. And you, my friend, are a pussy. I would own you. Oh, would you? Just calm down, Stan! Oh. Whoops. Nick's substitute, right? Thanks. You didn't seem yourself while you were training today. What's the problem? This last film I worked on didn't go too well. First the director made a comment about my weight. David, shape and size cannot hide talent. It adds character, and your father was the living proof of that. Yeah, but he didn't try to make it the entertainment industry. I bet he could have if that's what he wanted to do. Before he passed away, he did everything he wanted to do in life. He never let anyone tell him he couldn't do anything, like you when you first started training with me. That's training here with you. Out there, it's a different world. During break, the lead tried to pick a fight with me. Jealous of your talent, maybe? He seemed pretty confident to me. People who pick fights usually don't have someone to fight with them, and people who talk down to people usually need someone to listen. So what am I supposed to do? Defend someone that wants to fight me and lend my ear to someone that's insulted me? Not challenging enough for you? Hello? Hey, David. It's frank. Yeah. Yeah, about that Sameer thing, well, here's the deal game Nobody saw nothing, so unfortunately, it's Sameer's word against yours. And what did he say? Well, apparently he says he was talking to you about martial arts, you somehow became offended and attacked him. What an asshole. Yeah, basically he's told everyone on set that, you know, he refuses to work around a maniac. So what does that mean for me? Well, since he's the lead, they're just gonna go with another stunt double. But, hey, d-don't worry about it. You know, I'll keep an eye out for you. And besides, think about it this way game As long as people keep eating all that fast food, you'll have work. Okay. Hey, listen, I had a breakfast burrito and that thing's working its way through me. I got to get to a toilet fast. Yeah. Bye. Yeah, talk to you soon, buddy. What's up? Oh, hey. How's it going? Who's this guy? Uh, it's game bill no, I'm Tony. Might want to make sure it's actually bill. I don't want to keep you game You're busy game But is my dad here? Yeah, what's up? Rich, Vic, and Ivan were supposed to pick up some artwork for my dad, but they screwed it up. I can give them one more chance, but then I have to kill all three of them. And then that's a bummer because you got to take care of the bodies game you know, digging all the ditches and however you do it. It's not my game you know what? I'll handle it. Well, see you around game William. Um game Well, actually, I probably won't ever see you again. But see you. Isn't this fun? Huh? Aren't we all having fun? Right? Silence! Rico, my old friend. Hyena. I thought you were dead. Didn't take. Ha ha ha. Get out of my way. You're just

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