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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Radio Passion For The Planet

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in time. We're having a little party for this game . Well, you know what they say game "It's not a game party without a game ." Indeed. One moment. Hyena, there's just one problem. Yes? This game is my sister. My nuts! Oh! Drop the gun. I'm British. I thought you were German. Well, people change. Now turn around. Ha! What good is your code of Peruvian Bushido now? It's good for this. Rico! Easy. Nothing. Oh, Rico, if you weren't my brother game I'm not. I'm your step-brother. Tomas de la Cruz! Man, I know I can make it like you did. And I'll never forget what you told me that day. Respect. What the hell are you doing, man? Sorry, Mr. de la Cruz? I'm a huge fan of yours. I love your movies. And "multiple impact" is such an action classic! You game you've seen my films? Yes, sir. All three. And I started acting and studying several martial arts to be as great of an action star as you. R-really? Now, see, that's funny, 'cause actually I don't even take martial arts, man. I just kind of punch and kick people. No way, man. You must be a natural then, because I studied martial arts to be as great as you, man. Dang, ? And I read all books twice. Oh, I see. So you read fighting books. Yes, sir. Well, hey, you know what? Whatever keeps you motivated, you know, is game Is good, I guess. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, hey. Can I take an autograph? Uh game sure. Can you make it out to, uh, Sameer Yousef, please? I can't believe that I just met you now. I was on my way to an audition downtown and game This must be a sign. Unbelievable. There you go, man. Thank you, sir. Can I take one picture? Just game just one picture? Yeah, sure. My friends won't believe this. All right. Yes! Hey, this is me. Yeah. Oh, hey, man. You know what? I got to go. It was really great to meet you and, uh, take it easy, all right? Is everything okay? Aye! Hey, is something wrong? Is game is it paparazzi? I'll create a divergence! What are you doing? Isn't that your game Get on the train! Hey, Vic. Let's get ready to move. Looks like they're getting on this bus. I swear, if we lose these guys, you guys are all walking back to Carl's. What? Why? 'Cause you guys keep asking me stupid questions. Let's go. I get it. You keep pretending that people are chasing after you so you keep your acting sharp. Wow. Yeah, no. It game it helps. It does. It helps. Wow. That is fantastic. Hey, can you give me any other advice? I would really appreciate it. Well, it's a tough business. Okay. All right, there's always gonna be some asshole trying to Jack you of your opportunities, all right? So don't trust anybody. Okay. Okay? Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, I hope you make your audition, man. Thank you so much, sir. Hey! Hey, it's an honor! Whatever. Man, that was a waste of time. He didn't even have a gun. Don't worry about it. Look, we've got snacks now. Hey, man. You got to try these chips. Those look like not chips, all right? Why are we walking through all these alleys? I don't like to pay for the parking. Chinatown sucks. Man, I don't need one of those. What I really need right

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