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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Radio Bedford Urban 106.5 FM

Radio Bedford Urban 106.5 FM, Online Radio Bedford Urban 106.5 FM Radio internet, Radio Bedford Urban 106.5 FM UK Radio
You watch Lela, I'll watch Tanner. I learned all these new things, and then I was sitting there, and I'm like, "hey, why don't I make a new look?" So, I made a new look, and it was renegade rebel, you know? And then games what was the other one? I can't think of what it was. Yeah. Mysterious wanderer. And then, thinking guy. Here. Check this out. Thanks. Hi, medium-sized me. Still looking good. Brady, can I talk to you for a second? Yeah, sure. Um, I've been thinking about things. And I don't normally like to think about things. You see games I always assumed Lela would just be there for me. But games That night when she ran into the water with her necklace, it gave me this strange feeling in my stomach. It felt like, like when I drink a milkshake too fast. It felt like, like things, might not work out. It's called worry. Yeah, yeah. That. And, the thing is, things always work out for me. But, here, now, i games I still have that feeling. Worry? Yeah. Yeah. I'm worried that Lela wanted to come to this strange world because I wasn't enough for her. Yeah. I mean, I guess all you can really do is be the best dude you can be and hope that's enough. Is that what you do with mack? Um, not games not recently, no. We kind of hit a rough patch. I've been working on something i haven't told her about yet. What is it? Come on. Are these surfboards? -Yeah. They're all surfboards, but prototypes. Like this one. It has rotating fins, so you can surf in any direction. Or this one. It's one of my favorites. It's my surfboard suitcase. So, you fold up your board, put it in your bag, and it goes up in the carry-on, then, when you land, you're ready to surf. That is so cool! Yeah. -Wait, y games so, you made all this stuff? I've never made anything. What's all this stuff? This one's crazy. So, you have two water intakes that leads to the sealed hydro-turbine that also goes to an internal lithium ion battery. Then, we have a pneumatic actuator that's connected to this hatch, that makes it open whenever I want it to. Everything you just said, I have no idea what it means. Basically, this surfboard doesn't need any waves. Well, that is, if it works. That's so cool. Why can't you tell mack? Because games I don't think she'll get it. You know, me spending so much time on surfboards. She's got her whole life mapped out. She wants to go to college. College? What's it games Where is it games what's a games Where's a college? It's far away. And it's full of impressive people, like her. It's games it's not a place where a guy like me could get around by making surfboards. I understand, Brady. Maybe the problem is that you're not tan enough. Mack, I never knew i could be so happy. I mean, I love it all, the challenging classes, the interesting conversations, the flavored lip gloss. I mean, really. Triple vanilla kiwi Berry? I never even knew there was more than one vanilla. Can I games Yeah. Lela, here's the thing. Our world isn't really all that great. There's finals, and taxes, and global warming, and hangnails, and public restrooms. You really had it good back in your world. You don't have to worry about your future or picking the right college. You have a boy that loves you. You have a boy that loves you. Right? And you want more than that, right? You want to live life to the fullest. I want that, too. But, Lela, being with the right person can actually make life more full. If you have the same passion, the same drive. Or, maybe that doesn't help at all. You know, maybe he just has to respect your passion and not keep secrets from you and get weird when you're busy. I games I don't know. It's all pretty confusing here, which is why you should go home. What? What's wrong? You look normal. Hello? It's mack. Yeah. What? Hi, mack! Yeah, we'll be right over. Tanner, we gotta go. Come on! ♪ Mambo, mambo mambo Whoo! ♪ Mambo, mambo Mambo, mambo mambo Tanner! -Lela, you look like future Lela. Groovy. Super groovy. No, not groovy at all, actually. Very ungroovy. She's not supposed to be able to look modern. Smile. No shining

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