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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Radio Crush 1278 AM

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teeth pang! What are you doing? It's okay. It's okay. What are you games stop it. Just go with it. Hey. What games what are you games Look. Wet. What's happening? What are games what is games Why is my hair so squishy and limp? I don't understand! What is this feeling? Brady, do you understand what's happening? The whole essence of who they are is changing. They could be stuck here forever, or the whole fabric of our reality could just rip open. We gotta get them back. -Well, maybe we should just tell them where they're from, what they do? Are we worried what that might do to them? Well, we're running out of options, mack. Lela, Tanner. You're just made-up characters from a movie. You are not real. Maybe I would've eased it into them a little more gently. But, a movie? I don't understand. Here. Look at this. You like to surf? I know. Hey, it's us, doing games Things we usually do. You guys are from an imaginary world. A movie world. My favorite movie. It's where mack and I met. But, I don't want to live in a movie world. I games but, you do. That's why your life's always been so perfect, Lela. It's where you belong. How do we make them understand? We could explain to them in a language they know. You mean games Here we go. Yup. No, you guys, honestly, life is better in a movie. Yes! Quiet on the set. Quiet on the set. Playback. Roll sound. Speed. Roll camera. Rolling. ♪ You gotta play the scene up on the silver screen you gotta live the dream -action! ♪ The lights-camera- action thing rollback! ♪ the water's technicolor blue and the waves don't miss a cue not a hair is out of place -perfect! ♪ Every line's the perfect take -good. Go. ♪ You gotta play the scene up on the silver screen ♪whoa, it's better in a story always clever, never wordy you got the part, whoa it's better when you wake up minty breath and perfect makeup you're a work of art and no one ever breaks your heart You gotta play the scene up on the silver screen yeah, yeah ♪ -♪ no matter where you've been good times are zooming in you can dream but no one sleeps say a bad word and it bleeps You can have and eat your cake never need a bathroom break you gotta play the scene Up on the silver screen whoa it's better on location 'cause it feels like a vacation Super fun, whoa bring the feature to the people if it's good, they'll make a sequel when we're done the surf is up under the sun hey the good guy saves the day the bad guys run away everybody dances when the music starts to play hey! Hey! Tanner! Tanner! ♪ Your cats are always cool hey! ♪ -♪ you never have to go to school yep ♪ -♪ get ready for your close up it's the happy ending rule you gotta play the scene ♪ ♪ you gotta play the scene yeah ♪ ♪ up on the silver screen up on the silver screen ♪ ♪ you gotta live the dream no, no, play the scene ♪ -♪ the lights-camera-action thing 'cause it's better in a movie when you met her it was groovy it's where love is always true when you met him then you knew you gotta play the scene ♪ ♪ play the scene can I have your autograph? ♪ Up on the silver screen No! I'm sorry, but no. I don't want to be that girl anymore. I don't want somebody to write my lines for me. I want to stay here. Forever. Um games Lela! Well, that was dramatic, and potentially terrible. Hey, move it! Out of the way, out of the way, out of the way, out of the way. Okays! I think there's only one thing for us to do. Yeah? And that's to not do anythings and pretend that nothing bad is happening. Sound good? Perfect. Okay. Butchy, butchy! Whoa. My gosh. You are not gonna believe this. Cheechee, what's wrong? We was walking with our pals, sidecar and muffler, and, boom! They just up and vanished. This is terribles. Peoples have been disappearing left and right! Any one of us could be next! Okay, things started going wrong ever since Tanner and Lela took off into the ocean. You thinks thems leaving is somehow corenated with this chain of events? Yeahs, I do. Hey, what's that? This is the same necklace my sister had when she disappeared into the ocean. Maybe we's can use it,

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