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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Radio CAM 97.2 FM

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too. We can find Tanner and Lela. We'll bring 'em back, and then maybe everything will be normal again. We're leaving? I gotta go home and get some hairspray. This does not travel well. We ain't got time, cheech. Whoa! We gotta get there right now, before more of us start disappearing. But, wait. Where exactly is there? How am I supposed to know, struts? I ain't been there, yet. Come on. Yeah. Water gives you the fears, don't it? Yeah, it does, but some things is bigger than fears. Now, let's go! Right. It's gone, mack. No, it might still wash up. Last time, I ended up in a parallel movie universe. Do you have any better ideas? Just keep looking. don't take this out on me. I wasn't the one who just blurted it out, like, "hey, Lela, guess what? You're not real." Really, so this is my fault? How else should I have said it? I don't know! You could've been a little less direct. Less direct, like, kept it a secret from her? Kept her in the dark? Yeah, 'cause that's been working so well for you, lately. Well, maybe we should go ask Spencer for help. Really? We're back to that? How about this? You just keep looking over there. I'mma look over here. Yeah, fine by me. What was that about? I think they were arguing. But they're not in rival gangs. Here, I guess, couples do it, too. I don't like it. Me, neither. Well, that's odd. What? Why are those crazy cats. Wearing their clothes in the water? What? Lela, those aren't cats. Whoo-hoo-hoo! Yeah! Those are games Guys. Tanner! Lela! Our friends! Tanner! Lela! Those people are made out of rubber. Are you kidding me? Hi. Hi. Come over here. Butchy! Lugnut! Cheechee! Struts! Rascal! Seacat! Giggles! We's did it! We's found you's guys. Hey, guys. Wow. Y games you're all here. What are you doing here? What do you mean what are we doing here? We came to take Tanner and Lela home. What? No. No? I don't want to go home, butchy. But, Lela, I'm your brother. don't you miss me? don't you miss all of us? Yeah. Yes. Of course. A lot, but, well, I'm starting to find myself here, butchy. I'm happy. Okay, look, Lela, that's all Wells and goods, but, you see, the thing is, back home, things are starting to disappear, like. Wait, what's disappearing? Peoples. Peoples? Yeah, peoples. Peoples are just starting to sparkle up, and poof, and they vanish. And we don't even know where's to or if they's coming back. That's it. That's what's happening. Lela and Tanner are the stars of the movie. Without the stars games There's no movie. It's vanishing from existence. You guys have to go back, right away. You have to go back into the movie, otherwise you're all just gonna disappear. What have I done? I games Lela. L games it's not your fault. Okay? There's no way you could've known this was gonna happen. I've gotta go back. It's our job to be characters in a movie. Yeah, what are you's talking about? What is she talking about? It's complicated. I'm gonna miss you, mack. Yeah, me, too. You know, and, somehow, we will always be friends, even if we're in different worlds. I know. I just wish i didn't have to leave. Bye, Brady. It was great seeing you. Yeah. -Take care of yourself, all right? Go get yourself home. He's right. We gotta get ourselves home. Come on. Bye. Bye. They're gone. Um, listen. Hey, um games Well, I, I should get to the dance to set up. Yeah, yeah. I guess I'll, I guess I'll see you there. Yeah, I guess. ♪ Wandering throughout the inner space of yesterdays I never thought that I would lose my way it's such a shame I don't know what to say All right, everybody. The band's taking a break. We'll be back in . Here's a little something to slow it down. ♪ Whoa, whoa, if I smile dancing alone for a while would you rescue me? and if I fall hey, do you games Do you wanna, um games Hoping it's in your arms I know, know, know I don't know. ♪ You'll rescue me I'd love to dance. ♪ Whoa, whoa, whoa darling, rescue me whoa, whoa, whoa won't you please rescue me if I smile dancing alone for awhile whoa what's up, dude? You know, school dances aren't usually my scene, but this fruit punch is actually pretty nectar.

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