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Monday, October 19, 2015

Radio BBC Three Counties

Radio BBC Three Counties, Online Radio BBC Three Counties Radio internet, Radio BBC Three Counties UK Radio
I gotta be, gotta be, gotta, gotta be me I gotta be, gotta be, gotta, gotta be me Hey! Whoa! Ha ha! Hey! ♪ I gotta be, gotta be, gotta, gotta be me I gotta be, gotta be, gotta, gotta be me I gotta be, gotta be, gotta, gotta be me I guess I literally fell for you? Okays, I hate to ruin this beautiful moment, but we got to get back to whatever's on the other side of that terrifying watery stuff. He means the ocean. Yeah, what she said. Guys, he's right. We got to get out of here before another one of us games No. No, no, no. Vanishes! Butchy! He's gone. With the necklace. Guys, there's games there's nothing here but nothing. This is happening. How do we make this all right? How do we get back before we all vanish? Wait, when you guys first came to our world, you didn't have the necklace, 'cause I hadn't given it to you, yet. How did you get there then? You ready? Let's do it. There they is! We got to do something before we all start to disappear. Just like butchy. -We don't have a lot of time. This surfboard will take you home. Are you sure? Yeah. I sure hope so. Here. All right. Go paddle out and catch a really big wave. No. There's no surf. How can you surf if there's no surf? Well, you can't. No. No! No! No. Whoa. Good luck, guys. Tanner. We're the only ones left. We have to go. Now. Otherwise, we're gonna disappear and the movie will be gone forever. But how? You need waves to surf. Tanner, remember when you told me you've never made anything? Yeah? -I need you to help me make something. Okay. Okay. Here. Take these pliers right here, and you're gonna put it under the emblem and you're gonna pry it off, okay? Awesome. Come on, mack. We gotta go. Where? To my house. Under there, and I'll pull up, okay? Okay. Brady! Brady! Yeah? I thought we were going to your house. Just, come on. Okay, um, glue. Where's the glue? Where's the glue? Brady, what is this place? It's my workshop slash chill out space. And all of those? Surfboards. And you made them? It's not as hard as it looks. Actually, it's pretty hard. Yes! Okay. This was your secret. Yeah. I've been making surfboards. But not just any surfboards. Boards that do what other boards don't. And why couldn't you tell me that? Because, mack, you're so together. College, your oceanography club. You've got a vision for your life and your future. I just thought that, I don't know, you wouldn't respect it. Brady, this is incredible. My grandfather has made boards his whole life. It's an art. And what you're doing here, This is a vision for your life. You really think so? Yeah, I do. Good, 'cause games I've been building this one for us. Remember in the summer when we couldn't surf 'cause there were no waves? I had this idea that games What if you could surf with no waves? This surfboard has a motor built inside it. So you can surf when there's no surf! Exactly. No matter what. Any time. Brady, it's beautiful. If this baby works games We might have a shot at getting Tanner and Lela home. Let's do it. Brady. I'm sorry. I'm sorry you felt like you had to hide this from me. You know what really matters about our future? No secrets. Done. Let's go. Okay. Look at that. We did it! Guys! Guys! We got the emblem off it. Hey, it's games this is the hydro-lithium board. The one that can surf by itself. The board that can surf by itself! Exactly! Here, I've got this tire glue that should do the trick. Okay. Okay, help me, Tanner. We gotta get this board in the water. Come on. Let's go. Will you grab that end? Yeah, yeah, yeah. You got it? Yeah. You okay? Brady, do you know where we are? Yeah. We're at dolphin's cove. Where we met. Brady, if this doesn't work, and Lela and Tanner vanish and the whole movie never even existed, then doesn't that mean th-that we never even met? If they don't make it, then we won't even know each other. Hey, hey, hey. It's okay. How could I ever forget you? ♪ You're my someone who is lovely you are wonderful and true and you're the boy who makes me smile even when I'm feeling blue I'm so lucky that I found you most definitely yeah not a phony or a fake sweeter than a chocolate

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