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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Radio Gold 990 AM

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shake my meant to be 'cause when it's meant to be you go kind of crazy meant to be, you forget your own name when it's meant to be it's destiny calling and nothing ever will be the same our eyes meet so sweet and I couldn't ask for more this is real the way I feel is something I've never felt before when it's meant to be the stars seem to glisten meant to be, all the clouds depart when it's meant to be it's destiny calling and if you listen, you'll find your heart I guess this really is good-bye this time. Thanks for everything, man. Honestly. Thanks for coming. We needed it. You're welcome, Brady. Hey, I'm really glad i got to see you again, Lela. I am, too. I'll never forget you. Again. Me neither. Lela, listen to me. When you get back to your world, it doesn't have to be the way it was. Okay? You can start a math club. Or games or create a new type of lip gloss. You can do whatever you want. Change the movie. Make it your story. Think I can change the movie? You can do it. Thank you. I will. Here. I'll treasure it forever. Lela, we have to go. Be right back. Okay, guys stand up. Okay, make sure you bend your knees when you ride this thing or else you're gonna fall right off. Tanner, you hold the t-bar. Lela, you hold Tanner's waist super, super tight or else you're gonna fall. Okay. You guys good? Good luck. Bye, Brady. Bye, guys. Bye, Brady. Brady, what's wrong? Whoa. What is it? I don't know. Come on. What? The hatch won't open. Brady, we've gotta go now. No, no, no, no, no, no! Brady, it's happening. I can't get it. I need my tool kit. I need a small, little screwdriver. I can't get in there with my fingers. I games I need some help. Okay, Brady, Brady. Try this. Please hurry. We've got to go! Please work. You ready? Go! Come on, baby. Brady, if this doesn't work, and Lela and Tanner vanish and the whole movie never existed, then doesn't that mean we never even met? If they don't make it, then we won't even know each other. Know each other. Know each other. Yo! Bro-heim! Was I right or was I right, dude? I told you. Night body-surfing? Mondo spiritual, right? I don't know, man. It was super flat. And freezing. I didn't catch a single thing, except maybe a cold. My bad, dude. It's all good. Hey, you ready to roll? Yeah, let's do this. Cool, man. Night body-surfing is still cool, though. Yeah, yeah. Hey, what's going on here? It's that save the beach dance. There were flyers at school. They're gonna project a movie? That looks super awesome. You want to crash it? When have you known me to pass up on a possible fiesta? Never. Let's do this. ♪ Find out nothing's real trampoline it's always up and down, no in-between you're either loving or you're hating me There you go. Thanks, guys. And they should each be in batches of ten. And there should be at least all together. Some of them went rogue, so you're going to have to re-tie them with the yellow string games Can we help you guys? Two tickets, please. Thanks. Make good choices. Mack! Where have you been? I just needed some air. Sales are through the roof. You're a genius. People love the theme. Two tickets, please. Hey, hey, hey. Party for one for the big shindig tonight. Hey, Devon! What's up? Can I help you? Yeah, I got to ask, what's with the big screen and the outfits? It's a fundraiser. Yeah, we're saving the beach. It's a beach movie party. Cool. What movie are you going to play? Queen of the beach. Nice. You've never heard of it? No, I've heard of it. Everyone's heard of it. So, then we agree that it's the awesomest movie every made. I'm not sure awesomest is a real word. And even if it was, I'm not sure that movie is exactly my jam. But that movie was totally ahead of its time. It's the reason I love to surf. You surf? Of course. Cool. Okay, how about this? You take a ticket, save the beach, and if you don't totally dig it, I'll buy you a mango smoothie. I do love mangoes. Then you're gonna win either way. Thanks. Hi. Have fun. Yo. Speaking of mangoes, I'm gonna go talk to Morgan. See you, dude. See you. Okay, mack, you are gonna do so good.

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