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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Radio Heart 101.7 FM

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You're a hood and a murderer. You're a pretty smart rat, Scalise, but this is your off night. Why are you always jumpin' after me? Four years, jumpin' after me like I was somebody special. Why? That's right, getting you is a special job of mine. I can't figure you out. Your father liked me radio Shut up! Hello, Lieutenant. Got anything, Dixon? I've been waiting to tell you what happened, Lieutenant. Take them outside. We'll question them later. Congratulations on your promotion, Lieutenant. OK, OK. Let's have it. Mr Morrison was brought here by a fellow named Ken Paine, sort of an acquaintance of mine. There was a girl with him, I, uh, didn't quite get her name. A Morgan something. Mr Morrison wanted a little friendly play. How much did he win? He didn't win. He lost. You're lying, Scalise. Let's hear his story first, Dixon. He lost a grand or so, but he didn't care. He was makin' a play for this girl, showin' his stuff. Paine was jealous. He hit the girl first, smacked her hard on the face, and she ran out. Then Morrison tackled Paine. Morrison pulled a gun, but Paine had him so he couldn't shoot, and they wrestled into the bedroom. Before I could call the cops, Paine came out. He didn't say anything, just left. Then Morrison came out and fell on the floor. He was dead when I got to him. What did you do with the knife? There wasn't any weapon. Paine must have taken it along. You're lying, Scalise. Let me handle him, Lieutenant. What is Paine's address? I don't know. "K Paine, Pike Street, Chelsea ." Another telephone number: Murray Hill . What's that? A pool room on Third Avenue. You won't have any trouble picking him up. He was blind. All neat and ready with the fall guy, huh? Let me handle him radio Go after Paine, Dixon. Come on, Paul. Keep the change. radio I-S-O-N. Yeah, Ted Morrison. Kenneth Paine calling. Don't answer? Maybe he's in the bar. Have him paged. But I gotta talk to him, it's important. Trying to get Ted Morrison on the phone, huh? Who are you? Detective Dixon, th Squad. Get out. Maybe he's trying to win his money back. Don't give me that. He was cleanin' up. How much? And he's gotta cut me in. After what you did to him? He started it! All among friends. Hello. He isn't? Look, Kenneth Paine wants him to call as soon as he comes in. That's right. I said get out. I don't like cops. Ted Morrison is not gonna call you back, Paine. Nobody asked you. Somebody sunk a knife into Morrison. He's dead. Dead? You're lyin'. Scalise is trying to frame you, says you knifed him. Go home. I'm trying to help you. Scalise and his boys are hanging a murder on you. They knocked him off to get their dough back after you left. Come on. No cop's gonna touch me! Stand up alone, then. I'll stand up when I wanna. Get outta here. Get out! OK, buddy. Come on, let's go. Come on. Hello? 'Hello, Mark?' Oh, hello, Paul. 'Did you find him?' 'Mark? Mark?' Hello? Hello? Operator, there's a bad connection, get this line clear. 'Mark, can you hear me?' Yeah. I picked up some stuff on him you ought to hear. Go easy on him, he's a war hero. 'Got a hatful of medals and a lot of newspaper friends. 'When he got out of the service, he wrote a syndicated column. 'I thought I'd tell you so you don't muss him up if you run into him. 'Going to wait there for him?' Yeah, I'll stick around in case he shows up. 'So long.' Will you send a cab to Pike Street, please? You call a cab? No, not me. Pennsylvania Station, please. Yes, sir. Give me a ticket to Pittsburgh, the first train out. dollars and cents. Hello, Paul. I covered a few bars in the neighbourhood. I just got here. See this? Slipped in and out after I was here. Probably watching you. Nice piece of luck for me. You can't be everywhere. He took all his stuff out of this closet kinda quick. Just his uniform and one shoe. There's another closet. Nothing in there. It's empty. Maybe somebody saw him get away. There's an old lady in the window downstairs. Police. We'd like to talk to you. What do you want? How long have you been sitting here? Since after dinner. I always sit here at night. You know Kenneth Paine?

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