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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Radio Heart 96.9 FM

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You've got to learn what's expected of a police officer and what isn't. Yes, sir. I'll try to learn not to hate hoods so much. You don't hate hoodlums, you like to beat them up. You get fun out of it. You like to read about yourself in the newspapers as the tough cop who isn't afraid to wade in anywhere. Your job is to detect criminals, not to punish them. Is that all, sir? I'm reducing your rank, Dixon. You're going back to second grade. Any more complaints against you for cruelty or roughhouse and you'll be back in uniform pounding a beat. It's no fun telling you this. You're a good man with a good brain, but you're no good to the department unless you learn to control yourself. All right, you can go now. Thank you, sir, for the advice. Hey, Willie. Willie! How you feeling, Willie? Feeling fine, thanks. Don't you think you'd better be in bed, Willie? Parole rules allow me to o'clock. I got minutes yet. How's Mr Scalise, Willie? What you tryin' to do, trap me? I ain't consortin' with questionable characters and nobody can prove I am. That's a nice boy. You better get to bed, it's good for you. Sure. Who is it? Willie. My point. Come on, eight the hard way, two fours. Seven the loser. You're lucky tonight, Mr Morrison. The little lady brought me luck. Your dice, Mr Paine. Pass. Your dice, Mr Morrison. OK, I'll shoot ,. I'll take one. I'll take of it. I'll take the rest. You're covered. Hello. Care to join our game, Mr Bender? Sure, sure. How are things? Oh, fine. Bumped into a couple of old friends of ours, Dixon and Klein. They asked about you, but I think they're too busy to drop in. Too bad. All right, come on, dice! Give it to me, a six. Right back. Here we go, six! Ten. Ten. Mr Morrison is from Texas, and very rich. Here, you breathe on 'em. Now you got Lady Luck ridin' with you, dice. This is it, a six! Give it to me! There it is, a six! And getting richer. Six is my lucky number. I'll shoot the whole ,. Are you taking any, gentlemen? A grand. Same here. Four open. You're covered, Mr Morrison. I like your friends, Mr Paine. Can't get better action in Amarillo. All right, dice, now we're going for the big money. Come on! What do you know? A seven! If you don't mind, I'd like to go home, Mr Morrison. Morgan. Ken, I have to be at work at .. That's right, you can't keep a working girl up all hours. Then I'll take you home, Morgan. We'll all go. I'll get your things. There y'are. Mr Morrison. Yes, sir? You're grand into it. Oh, well, that's all right, you'll get it back some other night. I ain't leavin' town for a week. Tell him you changed your mind, you wanna stay. No, Ken, I told you I could only stay until midnight. You can't do this to me! I'm not doing anything to you. I brought him here. Oh radio So that's it. Yes, that's it! And you're foulin' me up again. That's all you ever do! You're telling him to stay. No, I'm not. Why, you radio Morgan! You heel! 'th Precinct. Address, rd Street Hotel, c West rd Street. 'Cars , and , proceed immediately.' That's us. Hello, Sergeant. Hiya. Foley. Hi, Sarge. Dice joint, huh? Yeah. A floater. Get his name? Morrison. Big barracuda. He was DOA. Knife cut his heart in half. Nobody did it, nobody saw it. There's a cut on his hand. He hit somebody hard. Who runs this parlour? Tommy Scalise. He's in there. So dream boy finally stepped into something, huh? I've been waiting quite a while. You should've gone home to bed, Willie, like you were told. You'd be asleep now, with no parole troubles. I live in this hotel. I just dropped in for a cigarette. How do you do, Mr Scalise? Where did you hide the knife, dream boy? Go easy, Dixon. Keep your hands off me. Talk. Wise up, Mr Dixon. You made a monkey of yourself before, trying to hang something on me. Who ed him, you or one of your playmates? You find a corpse and right away I'm a er. You've been a er for a long time. Have I? As I remember it, the jury found me innocent, and they weren't out more than minutes. You're still a er. Why do you always try to push me in the gutter, Dixon? I got as much right on the sidewalk as you. Don't talk to me about rights.

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