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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Radio Reprezent 107.3 London

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but I game I don't think I can help you find that other guy for Carl. I-I didn't expect this job to be like this. Hello? Kenny, my man. Excellent work last night. My pops sent over Doe with the payment. I hope Tomas's fan won't be too hard to find. Yeah, shouldn't be a problem. Great. Okay, thank you. No, thank you. Carl put double payment in my drop box. You won't have to worry about rent for months. What? I just game I don't know how I feel about that. What happened to honorable judge Josh? Didn't Tomas deserve this? Doesn't Sameer deserve his, too? Because game yeah, I said that people should choose their friends better if their friends get them into trouble, but I don't want somebody to die just to prove my point. I don't want anybody dying for anything. I mean, maybe to you, Stan, and Nick, this is like normal everyday game this isn't normal for me, okay? I've been doing this for a few years now, and besides Carl's guys roughing up a few people here and there, the worst I've ever seen is some property damage or a few broken hearts. Everything else was for show. All the clients Nick and I've had, talking about getting back at people, nothing has ever gone this far. Well, that's what I'm saying, man, I just game I don't think I could continue this case with you if it's gonna go that far. Well, me neither. I get what you're saying. I just feel like if I don't get to Sameer first, somebody else will. So, if you want to help, I could use it. But if not, hey, I understand. All right, wait, wait, wait. Hey, come see this. The death of Tomas de la Cruz. In the life after death game Hey, guys. What's going on? Hey, I'm just showing her this guy's web blogs. He's supposedly an action star from the middle east or something. And he's all depressed about his idol's murder. It's got to be a joke. My friend worked as a P.A. On an indie film this guy was a star of, and he supposedly fought on-set with his own stunt double. Really? Yeah. Do you want to see him talk about it? It's hilarious. Yeah. Actually, does he have any contact information on his channel? They're gonna be my road hunt. So, again, for the camera, if you don't mind. Okay, after doing a long set of some fight choreography that I did. So I walk off and game And I'm going straight to grab my water bottle, and here he comes game David game walks straight up with an attitude. Walking, he looks at me and he goes game And he does these faces. And I'm wondering, "why you want to do that, bro? Come on, this is professional work." Anyhow, so I let it go because I'm a bigger man than that. We have to find this guy David and bring him in here. Hey. And I just kind of pushed him to congratulate him. Yeah, can you get me some information on the stuntman named David Palatnikov? Yeah. Thanks. Drinking my water, minding my own business, and after the set is done, he walks up, right? And game and he's walking towards me still with an attitude. Are you out of your damn mind, son? You don't get your hands dirty. Call him now! All right, all right! Just really creeps me out. He wants me to call Kyle.

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