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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Premier Christian Radio 1332

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So, Tanner, is you's and me's ready to disarm the diabolical weather machine now? You bet, daddio. Ready is my middle name. Ready! It's his middle name. I thought Lewis was your middle name. It is Lewis, but it's also ready. 'Cause that's what I was born. Ready. Ready! From the moment he was born. don't go, Tanner. It's so dangerous. don't worry. Danger is also my middle name. I think. Along with ready and Lewis. That is a very long name. Okay, Tanner. I'll just wait right here for you, and games Well, actually, why don't I come, too? What? Why don't I come with you? I mean, all that happens when you guys go off is we stand here and do nothing. Maybe I can help. What? Just one games excuse us. Um, but girls aren't supposed to. Right. I'm sorry. I don't know where that came from. Forget about it. Okay. Go, Tanner. Be safe. Be brave. You're my hero. Let's go! Come back soon! So brave. What was games No! No, no. Yes! No! Thanks, grandma. ♪ I got something on my mind someday soon gonna make you mine tongue-tied, twisted inside out grandma? -♪ got no choice I'm gonna scream and shout yes! ♪ come on come on what? Yes. Whoo! ♪ Now I know just what I want looking so right that you know it's wrong Thank you so much for talking to me. A pleasure. It was great meeting you, mack. I hope you'll apply. Nice meeting you, too. You, too. You're right. This program is awesome. I knew you'd love it. Mack. What's going on? Brady, it's already over. Where were you? Listen, I better be going. In case you need it. I will see you guys tomorrow. You know, you could've at least shot me a text. I did. Twelve. No, you didn't. Yeah, check your phone. What? Is it too much for you to take one thing seriously? At least I take us seriously. What? I take us seriously. You were minutes late. What were you doing? Did you just forget? I was games it was nothing. Nothing? -Something. I don't wanna talk about it. Well, you won't even tell me why you stood me up? Brady, we used to tell each other everything. What is happening with us? You tell me. It's almost like the school-you wants nothing to do with me. This coming from the school-you that keeps secrets and flakes out on me. Well, maybe we just don't work at school. Maybe we don't. Awesome. Awesome. So, I'll see you next summer, which, apparently, is the next time you're free. Fine by me. Great. That's just awesome. ♪ It almost feels like it was just a dream all these memories of you and me blown away in the summer breeze it almost feels like we just never were all that time we spent was just a blur now it's just me and a melody so what am I supposed to do? 'cause all these plans we made in the sand are through without you, I'm on my own am I gonna be alone and if it's only me, myself and I will I be fine? so far from home and I just don't know am I gonna make it? brave enough to take this road out on my own? And maybe I'm falling on my face or maybe I'm landing in my place and maybe we're a million Miles apart or maybe we're standing heart to heart but no matter what I'm walking right off this stage and never looking back, looking back to yesterday no way no way I'm on my own yeah, yeah, yeah as long as I got me, myself and I I'm doing fine so far from home but now I know that I am gonna make it brave enough to take this road out on my own it almost feels like it was just a dream all these memories of you and me I'm not the kind to fall for a guy who flashes a smile don't usually swoon but I'm over the moon 'cause he was just too cool for school and now I'm Nice of you to drop in. I guess I literally fell for you? ♪ Falling for you I'm Lela. I'm sorry, I can't do this. Put me down. Lela. What are you doing? I don't know. This whole thing, I just games I can't do it anymore. It's not you, Tanner. You're a great guy, but games Of course I am. I have to go. Where is she going? Okay. Excuse me, guys. Excuse me. Sorry. Lela! What's going on? What are we doing? It's very windy and not good for my hair. Ever since mack and Brady came, i have felt different. Mack wasn't like any girl I ever knew.

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