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Monday, October 5, 2015

Radio XFM 104.9

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Yeah, I know. Creeps me out, too. Hey, Sam. How's your dad? Hey, at least we tried, right? We can't find Sameer, maybe nobody else can. Yeah, maybe he left town or something. Yeah. Got to take a piss. Welcome back to "celebrity action rehab live!" Good afternoon, everyone. I'd like to welcome Sameer Yousef to our group. It'd be great if we could all begin with a brief introduction. Yeah, I'm Jimmy, and this is Moe Moe. Sorry, I need the music for my rage. No problem. Nice to meet you. So, what brought you here? Samantha, can you just say "hello" and tell him your name? Hello. And, uh, he just said my name. Hello. Sameer, would you care to share your story with us? Sure. Um game He actually got on that show. It's not gonna take long for Carl's guys to find him. Okay. Can we stop at a bullet store on the way? Not now. Let me make a call real quick. Hey, Stan. Yeah, we found the guy. Are you still down? Okay. Thanks, man. What's up? I told him back in the diner that we're gonna go after Sameer. So, what, he's gonna back us up now? Sort of. Did you meditate today? Yeah, it's good. No one was around, so I, uh, popped in my jet Li DVDs and just lathered up with some oil and just really relaxed. Hello? Hi, this is David Palatnikov. I got your message. I believe you have some work for me. David. Is it possible for you to meet us at the shooting location? I'll text you the address. Okay, yeah. I'll head on over. Thank you. Great. Yep? Hey, Mike. Yep? I have a David Palatnikov coming over there right now. I need you to get a camera on him and on Sameer asap. You got it. Okay. Hey. So, good stuff so far today? I got some hilarious footage of the new guy. Awesome. Thank you. I'm gonna go welcome David to the house. He should be here any minute. I'm ready for him. I'll send him in when he gets here. Okay, sounds good. And make sure that Mike has a new tape. I just did that. Is Dr. Derek around? No, he just left. He probably won't be back for a while. Okay, good. I need you to keep an eye out for him. And if he comes back any sooner, we might need to stall him. Okay. I can do that. Oh, hey, Marty. I mean, you guys have seen "fist of won," right? It's Tomas de la Cruz's best movie, man. Yeah, keep going, man. I'm listening. And I really don't know why people keep giving me a hard time for loving the guy. I just want to carry on his legacy. I mean, he made amazing action movies game So, I did meet the guy game Which was crazy. Next thing I know, he's dead. And the woman who contacted me said she wants me to be on this show to pay tribute to him, but I haven't had the chance to do so yet. And I still don't know why I'm here. But I do like that you guys do listen to me. Yeah, man. It's what we're here for. Thank you, man. Because he always forgets that, too. And don't worry about calling for Marty unless there's a real problem. We need to let Mike get enough footage of David and Sameer's reunion. I got to go. David's here. This is gonna be great. Hi, I'm David. Amera sent me here to work on a project. Come on in. All right. We got to get

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