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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Radio Verulam 92.6 FM

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entitle him to spend his life drinking barrels of whisky and punching girls on the nose? Don't worry. I'm not going to see him anymore. You said that before. He rolls his alcoholic eyes at you and you set yourself up for another left hook. You can't help him, Morgan. I guess you're right. Someone to see you, Miss Taylor. Who? Oh, tell him to drop dead. It's important, Mr Friedman said to come to the office right away. Miss Taylor, this is Mr Dixon and Mr Klein. They are police detectives. How do you do? How do you do? Sit down, please, Miss Taylor. We'd like to ask you a few questions. What would you like to know? You were with Kenneth Paine last night? Yes. You were at a s-called floating crap game in the apartment of a man named Scalise at the rd Street Hotel. Correct? Yes. Have you been in touch with Paine this morning? No. Have you any idea where he might be? No, I haven't. From what we hear, you're pretty well acquainted with Paine. Yes. How well? Could you tell us? I'm his wife. Is that so? But you're living with your father, we understand. Ken and I separated three months ago. What happened at Scalise's while you were there? May I know why you're asking me all these questions? We'd rather tell you afterward, if you don't mind. Well, Kenneth was drinking and radio we had a quarrel. I understand he hit you. Yes. Did you see him hit Morrison? No, I didn't. I left. Where'd you go? Home. Take a taxi? No, I met my father at his stand a block from the hotel. He's a taxi driver. He drove me to the subway. Did you hear from Paine after you got home? Yes, he telephoned. What'd he say? I don't know, I hung up. What time was that? About :. Did he call from his house? No. How do you know if you hung up? Because my father went down to Ken's place after he dropped me. What for? Really, is this necessary? We think so, Miss Taylor. I didn't want to tell him anything, but I was crying, and he noticed the bruise. What'd he say? He was very angry. He told me before that radio What? Well, that if Ken ever hit me again, he'd beat his head off. Morrison was ed last night. No! At Scalise's place, shortly after you left. He was ed with a knife. And you're looking for Ken because you think he did it? When did your husband start getting jealous of Mr Morrison? Jealous? That's silly. Mr Morrison was somebody I hardly knew. But you went out with him. No, Ken asked me out to dinner. You just said you were separated from your husband. Yes, but he kept insisting, and I felt sorry for him. When I got to the restaurant, he had Mr Morrison with him. Then after dinner, Ken took us to this gambling place. Then I realised all he wanted to see me for was to use me as a sort of decoy to help get Mr Morrison to go there. I was sinking pretty low, I thought. Poor Ken. He must be desperate for money. Why did Paine hit you? Because I wanted to go home. He didn't want Mr Morrison to leave. Because Morrison was winning. Yes. How much was he ahead? A great deal. I think they said about ,. Thank you for the information. We won't bother you any longer. Hi! Well, hi! Hello, Jack. Hello, Morgan. Night, Mary. See you around. Night. Oh, Miss Taylor. Hello. Good evening. I'd like to talk to you. Have you found Ken? No. You think I know where he's hiding and won't tell. Where are you going now? Home. Would you mind if I came along? A nice way to put it when you're out to give me the third degree. This is no third degree, this is strictly off the record. Have you come to nab me as a gambling-house habituée? I'm not really. I've never been in one of those places before. Are you radio are you having dinner with anyone? You inviting me? Yes. I take that subway, there. It'll take me a few minutes to change. That's good enough. Hey, Dad, you home? I'm cookin'. There's company. Dames? No. This is my father. Mr Dixon. Mark Dixon! Glad to know you. You don't remember me. I'm Jiggs Taylor. I'm sorry, I don't recall. Excuse me, I'll get ready. Well, sit down, I'll tell you about it. It's :am. I'm cruisin' through Central Park. There's a blizzard goin' on. A detective jumps in my cab and says,

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