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Monday, November 2, 2015

Radio Biggles FM 87.9

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That's fine, okay? 'Cause I'm here for one reason and one reason only. You are the best. You're a heavyweight. You're a Yoda among cops. You know, Yoda? Little guy, big ears, real smart. So it doesn't really matter what you think of me, 'cause I have all the respect in the world for you. And that is where I'm coming from. Look, dickwad, I don't give a rat's ass where you're coming from, okay? All I care about is where you're going. It's good, we're talking. Where do I drop you off? Where are you staying? What, the Plaza, the Regency? Give me a name. I'm staying with you. Maybe when my asshole learns to chew gum. Hey, my bags are in the back. Look, I thought this was all arranged. Not with me. Nobody arranged jack-shit with me! You know, Moss, this may come as a shock to you, but a lot of people would be pretty excited to have Nick Lang in their home. Great, tell me where they live, I'll be happy to drop you off. All right, listen. No. You listen, you egcmaniacal little cockroach! I got yanked off a case so you could get your rocks off being a cop groupie, and now what, you want to live in my house? I've got a job to do! And I'm going to do it. I don't have time for anybody in my house, in this car, in my life who isn't A, a cop or B, the Party Crasher. You got it? So, that's what this is all about, isn't it? You're still after this guy. Give me the name of a hotel or I bounce your ass out at the next light, and I don't downshift. I don't know, Moss, I don't know. You think that's a good idea? I mean, personally, I don't think Captain Brix is gonna like it. You know, I mean, us being separated, you being back on the case. Although, I'm not gonna mention anything, because, hey, if you can't trust your partner, who can you trust? What is that? Ah, it's a rubber gun. Got it from props. Just help me get into character until I get the real thing. Great. Dickless Tracy. Hey, stay here. Hey, wait. How come I can't come with you? Stay. Hey, I sit and roll over, too. Oh, man. Oh, this is beautiful. This is amazing. Swish. Ah-ha! Okay. And mt. And game I may have to kill you later. Hey- Then I looked out, and he was wearing a "Mr. T" starter kit. You hear this crazy ho? Yo, kill that dumb slut! Police! Get your ass over there. Don't ing move! , my head! Let's reacquaint ourselves. I'm Lieutenant John Moss. And for those of you with real short attention spans, you are the Dead Romeos. Not us, Lieutenant. We're a reading group. Shut up! Damn, mam Reading group, huh? Well, these sure don't look like the classics to me. Those are just shower gifts, homeboy. I ain't your homeboy. Okay? What you want to do is, you want to graduate from high school, get decent jobs, take a shot at white collar crime. That's where the real money is. Okay, pop quiz. There is a shooter out there game He's using hollow-point safety slugs in a retooled ., beefed-up gun barrel, laser sight. Kind of like the gun I took off one of you little shits at the B&K Liquors last month. You remember? It wasn't us, man. Yo, yo, I think the dude thinks he's Babe Ruth. This is a custom-made gun. It takes a specialist to make such a gun. I need a name. Yo, we don't know nothing, babe! Get out of the damn way. I'm sorry, man. You know, I couldn't hear the name with the TV. Joe Gunn is back in Smoking Gunn ll. Nick Lang is once again Joe Gunn who hates bad guys, loves bad girls. Hey, Nick Lang! He's bad, man, real bad. Nick Lang is a faggot. Yeah, I'm very into environmental causes, and I think a lot of people don't know this. All of my movies, including the Smoking Gunns, are shot on biodegradable film stock. Hey, Ang. Hey, Ang, it's me, it's Nickie. Ang, you're never gonna believe where I am. No. No, I'm not in the Russian Tea Room. Ang, do me a favor, don't even guess. I'm in a ghetto. No, no, it's not a tour. Ang, I'm with Moss. I've been in town two hours. I'm already in the middle of a murder investigation. Can you believe that? I'm gonna get this part, Ang. I'm soaking this up. You gotta see this place. It's like the grit, the dirt, the crime, the human drama, it's all around you.

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