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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Radio Peterborough FM 87.7

Radio Peterborough FM 87.7, Online Radio Peterborough FM 87.7 Radio internet, Radio Peterborough FM 87.7 UK Radio
You can feel it in the air! Hey! Hey! I need that phone! I'm calling a cop! You know there's a cop right inside there. Come on. Shit. Just hang it up, okay? Hang it up. It's on my bill. Just game Shit! Name, name. Come on, name, name, name. We don't know nothin'! Witherspoon. Are you crazy? Ow, come on, man, what the hell is this shit? Shut up, man. Shut up! Shut up! Excuse me, I couldn't hear you. VVho? I said the dude's name is Witherspoon. Where? He moves around. Works out of a van, he sells guns, whatever kind you want. Moss! Moss! John, I've been looking all over for you! They stole my cellular phone, John and I think it might have been a gang. Hi, guys, how are you doing? Sorry to interrupt. I told you to wait in the car, didn't I? Hey, man that kid looks just like Nick Lang. Yeah, I know. Only shorter, right? No, whiter. Look, John, I'm sorry. It's just that they're real pissed off and I wouldn't be surprised game I said, wait in the car! Oh, great. Get down! Get off my foot! I don't see no blood. I don't see no blood. Aw, chill, man. Oh, shit! I got to find my game I think I lost a contact out there. You told them I was in there? You led them to a rival gang, not to mention to me! Hey, come on I was trying to help. Read my lips. Don't help me. I had to call this in. Fourth Squad Lieutenant. -. There are over a dozen cops on their way, and I've got to explain to them what the hell you were doing in the middle of a gang war, jackoff! Was that great? I knew they were a gang. They had that kind of gang look. I got a knack for this. Knack? You think you got a knack? What was the license plate of the car? That was, uh game A New York plate and game They're blue, right? You notice something a little different about our car? They stole my bags! Well, you should have locked them in the trunk. You know, all my clothes were in those bags. All my stuff! At least they didn't steal your rubber gun. Hey, hey, hey- Look at this. This could be a clue. I think they're in this bar. So? So uh, you gotta go in there. You gotta get my stuff. Gotta? Gotta? Listen, Nick, may I call you Nick? I'd be more than happy to help you with your little problem here, but see first you gotta fill out the proper forms. Then I gotta get assigned to the case. Then you gotta wait a few days, weeks sometimes. Then I gotta be lucky enough game Fine. Fine. Fine. If that's the way you wanna be about it, that's great. Don't worry about it. Stay here. I'll go in there. I'll get my stuff. I cannot wait. Gee, Moss, we gotta stop meeting like this, you know. Look, Benny. I'd really appreciate it if you left me out of the report on this one, okay? Hey, Grainy. How are you doing? You know, the captain might not like it, me getting the new guy shot at on his first day on a job and all game You know I gotta get a new car outta the impound, you understand? Is that all the captain wouldn't like? What do you mean? No, if I didn't know you any better, I'd say you still had your mind on the Party Crasher business. Yeah, well it's a good thing you know me better, right? Yeah, good thing. So where is Casanov? Ahhh! They didn't have 'em. And stay the out! It's been a bad day. Oh, look at the Love Boat. You sure impound didn't have anything a little more low profile? Frog dog, Billy. Sure thing, Lieut. I'll have a frog dog too, Billy. Hi, Bonnie. Is your mother home? No, this isn't Mr. Tibor. This is game No, it's not Frankie either. No, it's not Alphonse. Who are game What are these, like, guys your mom works with or something? No, this is John Moss. Ah, Well, hello? Okay, then I'll call back later. Okay, bye. Yo, Bill. How ya doin', Lieutenant? Yeah. Ah. Whoo! Frog dog, huh! Next time, invite the kid. What? On your date. Bring the daughter along. I don't know what the hell you're talking about. Oh, do you have any Grey Poupon? A single mother. Daughter never had a dad. Doesn't trust men. Especially the ones who've been hanging around her morn. So now you want to get next to this woman, but you can't catch a break from the kid. I know, it's a gift. Why would I want to bring the daughter along? I mean game Never mind. What the hell am I talking about this with you for? Bonzafl Konnichiwa. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Oh, Bill! Yeah. Mmm. Good stuff. You eat like this all the time? Probably not the best idea game From a health point of view. You know, if you game Be good to your bowels, then they will be good to you. Your nutritionist, right? Do you want her number, John? Bravo, Bill! Bravo. Oh, Bill, good. Mmm. Mmm. Okay, knock that shit off, all right! It's like carrying a goddamn mirror around. Don't eat like me, don't sit like me, and do not smoke like me. I'm trying to quit, anyway. Yeah, me too. And don't quit like me either, all right? John, an actor's job is to game Lang, I don't care. All right! Just stop! All right. Okay. All right. Tell me about the Party Crasher, all right? What's this guy's program? Now, he kills four people right in front of you? What does it take to do something like that? The guy's nuts. He's got too many birds on his antenna. I don't know.

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