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Friday, November 6, 2015

Real Rock Radio Northeast

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I don't know what the hell it takes. He's crazy. You ever kill anybody? Counting today? Come on, John. Look, my character kills this guy. He's probably an innocent bystander. I just want to know what that's like. You can't. Not by asking someone. John, will you open up? I just wanna know what it feels like to be inside your skin. I don't want you inside my skin! Do you understand? It's private! What's in there belongs to me! You're not gonna learn what it means be a cop by game Eating hot dogs and picking your teeth and asking stupid questions. We live this job. It's something we are, not something we do. Every time a cop walks up to a car and has to give a speeding ticket, he knows he may have to kill someone or be killed himself. That's not something you step into by strapping on a rubber gun and riding around all day. You get to go back to your million-dollar beach house and your bimbos and your blowjobs and you get takes to get it right. We get one take. It lasts our whole lives. We mess it up and we're dead. , was that great! I'm game Look, John. Can you just do that one more time for me, please? John, come game Oh, well. John Moss, meaning of life. John. Fourth Squad Lieutenant, we have a homicide reported in the churchyard, th and nd. Party Crasher M. O. Sit here. - What have you got? - Same story. The prick called to say he's coming. The trouble is, the guy in the church, he figures it's a crank call. Right. So none of our guys ever had a shot at him. Some crank call, huh? What do we know about the victim? Hey, Benny, how you doing? How you doing? Neighborhood transvestite, entertainer, singer. Never had a chance, you know. Still no line on the killer, Moss? What's this prick doin' here? Looks like he's got you completely turned around. Hey, why don't you go tie you dick in a knot, huh? Benny, can you write this up? What's with you? I can't believe he'd just kill in broad dayhghthkethat Maybe he's a big hambone like you, and he craves attention. Hey, Moss, you know what a big hambone like me hates more than anything else? What's that? A bad review. Hey, Frank! Frank! You want an interview? You got it. Yes. Make sure you get a shot of that body. Okay- Lieutenant Moss, so, what's your assessment of this Party Crasher? Well, you don't need a shrink to tell you that this guy's a raving psycho. Come to think of it, he may not even be a man. I doubt he's got the equipment for it. He's probably a pervert. What is your assessment of the Party Crasher? You don't need a shrink to tell you this guy's a raving psycho. Come to think of it, he may not even be a man. I doubt he has the right equipment for it. He's probably a pervert. Whoever he is, he is gutless, he is pathetic, and when his luck runs out, lam gonna be on him like a bum on a bologna sandwich. You got that, you chickenshit, wherever you are? And that's a promise from me to you. Me to you. Me to you. Me to you. Me to you. Me to you. Me to you. Me game Whoa. Look at this. When's your housekeeper coming? My What? Well, you know. You think all cops live in filth just 'cause it's that way in the movies? No, it's just that, you know, you gotta admit, you know, filth has a certain reality to it, a certain edge. Not that this doesn't. I mean, this is very fresh, very unexpected. ', YOU play piano? Look who's back in town. Where there's fire, there's smoke. Where there's smoke game You know the high part? My dad played. Ah! Now that's what I mean. Cop's dad plays piano. I mean, now that's a great notion. I love that. It's got its own reality, it's got its own authenticity. It's very unexpected, it's very authentic. It's my life. It's too bad I can't use it. It's game Nobody'd believe it. Look at this. Got my billboard down the street. Good, you'll be sleeping close to the one you love. Hi, Nickie, how are you? It's Stacy. Stacy? Stacy? What game You gave out my number at home? Hey, John game Uh. People find me wherever I go. It's like a curse. I game I mean, do you think I like not having any privacy? Bye-bye now. Hi, Nickie, it's me. I'd love to get together with you game

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