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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Radio UCB Inspirational

Radio UCB Inspirational , Online Radio UCB Inspirational k Radio internet, Radio UCB Inspirational UK Radio
Hi, Nickie, it's Roger. Roger. I knew it. Hi, Nickie, it's me, Francine. Remember me from the Ramada Inn? God! Whoo! Francine! She's got a sister. John, we could game The Ramada Inn? Jesus! Thank you, John. Hi, it's Susan. Susan! Oh, shit. Hi, it's Susan. Uh game You didn't call, so I thought I'd call you and remind you about game Oh, where was it supposed to be game Sal's! SUSAN: game Sal's- For pizza at :. Uh, for pizza at :! Oh, man! Anyway, call me when you game Jesus! SUSAN". All right, bye. Okay. Ho! Good hands, buddy! Good hands. Put it up! Put it up, John! Put it up. Come on! Yeah! John Moss. The private side. What have we got here? Bill. Con Ed. Huh? Ooh. A little over on your MasterCard, John. In the fridge we got three beers, domestic. Baking soda, some kind of mystery meat. Whoa! Ugh. Some very old cheese. Completely lacking in vitamins B, C and E. Explains the temper, John. Closet. Socks, green, black. Gun. Gun? It's my life! It's my life! Nah. No shit, punk! It's my life! What's the matter? Find a split end? You know, I've been counfing, John. You have seven different facial expressions. So, a date, huh? You know, it would be a real education to see what you're like with a woman. You know, in a situation fraught with ual tension. Don't suppose you wanna make it a threesome, huh? Huh. Eight facial expressions. Nine, ten. Wow! All right, I'll tell you what. I don't have to go. I'll just, uh game Do what you do in Hollywood. Rum drinks, fern bar, gerbil racing. Take that gun out of your pants before you shoot your dick off. Gerbil racing. Not bad. So, what are we getting? I don't know. You wanna share, what, an extra-large, everything on it? You like anchovies? I game Hate game Love anchovies. They're my favorite part, no? I hate them. Right. Okay, good. Well, why don't we get a pizza half with anchovies, half without? There you go. How's that for you, huh? Sometimes they slide over to the other side. That's only when the cook forgets to kill them first. You haven't told us how you got hurt. Oh. It was just a little accident on the job. There's nothing much to tell, really. A little accident? Yeah, yeah. Now, come on. This is our third date, our fourth date. And you know everything there is to know about me. You know where I was born. You know about my mother and father. You know the names of Bonnie's teachers. How much you weigh. How much I weigh. And I know that you're a cop who hates to talk about himself. I don't hate to talk about myself. Yeah, you do. Yeah, I do. So, I tell you what. Bonnie and I aren't saying another word until you tell us something personal about you. Something you love, something you hate. Something I hate. John? John Moss! Come game Unbelievable! You and me, same place, same night. What are the odds of something like that happening? They say New York's a big town. You know, somebody told me that Sal's had great pizza and I figured it was either here or the sushi bar. I hate those drunken sushis. Bonnie, right? You must be Bonnie. John said you had a great laugh. And Susan. Hi, Ray Casanov. Hi. John's partner. Nice to finally meet the woman who turned this big lug's head. You know, you look just like Nick Lang. You think so? You like Nick Lang? I used to when I was little. I like Mel Gibson now. Well game I love him. I love Mel Gibson. Moss? Yes. I got a table ready for you upstairs. Oh, great, great. And great to see you, Ray. You're probably headed the other way, so don't become a stranger. Nice jacket, by the way. Do you wanna eat with us? No, he couldn't do that. No, lspend all day with John. He just, yeah game NICK: I'm his partner. Staying together. Crash. Crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash. Wherever you are, that's a promise from me to you. You to me. You to me, huh? Me to you. Me to you. Me to you. You to me. No, me to you! Me to you. Me to you! Me to you! Me to you. Me to you. Aah! Shame on you, you cried game Silly girl Shame on you, you told a lie Big girls don't cry Everybody! Big girls don't cry They don't cry Come on, John. Come on, come on. Sing along.

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