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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Radio RWS FM 103.3

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Come on. What, you forget the words? An alibi I tell you, I went nuts! I wanted to take her, right there in the office, bone her on the desk! Whoa, is that the one from payroll with the jugs? I get a world-class woody every time I go down there. Hey, guys, we got some ladies here. Ooh! Bet that's a first! John, it's okay. Just forget about it. It's not okay. Your daughter's here. Don't worry. I know what a woody is. How do you know what a woody is? Hey, John, why don't we move to another table, huh? What do you say? In the corner somewhere game Hey, guys, I told you to keep it down. Man, keep this down! Jay, You faggot! Yeah, you the homo game Excuse me? Hey! Hey, what's your problem? What did you say? Right there, man! John, just forget about it! Hey, asshole! Sit down! Get in the chair. Get on the table. Break his face! This is ridiculous! Come here! Hey, leave him alone! Sit down. I would sit down. I said, sit down! It's all right, folks. I'm a police officer. Ray, uh, show 'em your badge, will you? Oh. NYPD. NYPD. And call Midtown. Tell them it's a - forthwith. All right. Can we game Can we go now? I think Bonnie's seen enough. Go on, get in the chair. Hey, get down there! Put your hands on the table! I gotta go to the precinct. I gotta fill out the paperwork. Can't Ray do that? I said, "Put your hands on the table." No, he can't. All right, well, maybe he can escort us home. Hey! Susan! It was great! Susan. Hey. They got home okay. Oh, it's you. Look, I'm sorry aboutSaPs. No, no. I was gonna show up, meet them and leave. I had no idea they were gonna ask me to stay. She's nice, though, Susan. So is Bonnie. You decided to take her along, huh? She hates me. Buy her a POW- I game I'm talking about Susan. So buy her a horse. Hey, can I get a beer, please? You got it. Come on, Susan? Susan doesn't hate you. She's just getting to know you. You gotta game I don't know. Can I offer you a little advice? No, you can't. No. No. No. Loosen up a little bit, okay? Seriously, just, you know, let her in. Bare your soul a little. Hollywood horseshit. Where did you get that last one from? Your Scientology guru? I can help you, John. I'm serious. I got it. Pretend I'm Susan. What? Come on, go with me, John. This is what I do. I mean, I spend half my life pretending I'm other people. Now if you let your hair down and loosen up a little bit, you might learn something, okay? Now, I'm Susan, you're John. No, you're sick and I'm thirsty. Ah. Thanks very much. Okay, listen. Maybe I can get us started here. Ha. Ha. Aah. Well? Well, what? Talk to me, John. Tell me what I want to hear. Just get away from me. This is game Who is this guy? See, you never talk to me. You always keep me at a distance. You treat me like I'm some sort of princess that you can't even touch. Well, maybe I want to be touched, John. Hey, hey. Maybe I wanna be manhandled. This is really crazy. Don't do this to me, you know. Other men have no problem talking to me. What other men? Right game What game What other men? Just a little bit game Can I get a Dubonnet, please, with a twist. What other men? Is she seeing other men? See, now he wants to talk? No, listen, Lang! Lang“.Lang. Susan. Vvhoeven Is she seeing game Susan. Susan. Is she seeing other men? Just game Frankie? Alphonse? Hmm? Mr. Tibor? Come on. Who? Come on. Susan. Hi. Su game Sus game Susan. Susan! Ah, Jesus Christ! Yes, John? Is she game Are you seeing other men? No, John. It's only you. That's why it's so hard. I want you, John. But you just won't let me in. Thank you. Just a little game Ridiculous. I thought you were quitting for me! This is too damn strange, all right? No! I'll tell you what's strange. That somebody so strong and so in charge isn't really confident in who he is. That's bullshit! Oh, don't you take that tone with me. Ah. Look, honey. Uh. "Honey's" good. Ever since my divorce game Yes, it's true. Every time I get serious about a woman, I do get a little scared. What do you mean, "Every time"? How many women have there been, John? VVeH, none, except for my wife. And game And you.

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