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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hawks Radio Fm

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Thafsu. And me. Oh, not you. But you know game That's it. So, how do you know you get scared every time? Well game We game This is just like a woman. You turn it around, you give it a twist and stick it in. God! God! You know what? Lam out of here. Bye. Keep your little Dubonnet. I'm gone. Men. You son of a ! You son of a ! I can't even go to the bathroom! Mr. Witherspoon? Hey. Not looking for the repeat customers, lguess, huh? Ooh! Givin' me a hard-on here. You might wanna try skipping a meal every now and then. Somewhere there's a small country going hungry. What's the matter with this guy? Cat got your tongue? We don't know who got it. Got bit off in a street fight last year. He won! Oh. That's my daughter. Beautiful. Thank you. She's with me once a month. Likes to play while I do business. Well, speaking of business, here, uh game Speaking of business. Our mutual friend, I'm sure, has indicated to you that I'm looking for a bored-out . that can't be traced. Something that's not gonna blow up in my hands game I can't help you. You got the wrong person. I don't know nothin' from guns! Right. This man sounds like a cop. COD'? I'm a cop'? Why, just 'cause I don't like being fondled in public by some fat guy with a crush? It's a joke. It's a joke. I got money here, you know, I got plenty of money, Mr. Witherspoon, I got game Hey! Mr. Witherspoon, look. Hey“.No, no. L“ It's just game I game I got nowhere else to turn, okay? You see, there's this guy. He's all over me. Okay? It's game It's a friggin' nightmare. He's forced his way into my life. He's told me face-to-face that he wants to be me. He moved into my apartment, moved into my house, you know, moved into my job, you know. What's next? Huh? You know, my old lady? I know it. It's getting to where everywhere I look I see his smiling face. I turn on the goddamn TV and I hear his voice. At me all the time. You gotta help me. I have got to get rid of this guy. Please. Passionate man! Watch Julie for me. Thank you. Come to Papa. Yeah. No! Moss! Uh, hi. It's Susan. Oh, hi, Susan. Um, is John at home? No. No, John's not here. Well, maybe later he'll be home. No. No, I game I'm not quite sure. Do you think we could have lunch? Lunch? What, me and you? Yeah, you and me. Oh, Susan, that would be game That'd be great. Okay, good. Uh, at :? Okay. Yeah. Right. Got it. Okay. I'll be there. Uh-huh. If I'm not still handcuffed to the goddamn sofa! Come on! Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up! I have to be careful. You understand? The police frown on the guns I make. People have occasionally used them for socially irresponsible acts, but what am I supposed to do? Exactly. Thank you. Thank you. This is it. This is just what I was looking for. It is a beautiful gun. Oh, by the way, remember when I said I wasn't a cop? I was acting. Notbad, huh? No training. Can you believe people get paid for that? Don't even think about it. Now, you made a gun like this recently with a laser sight for someone else. TaHguy, muscular build, short hair. You're gonna help me find him. What did he do? He's been blowing holes in people all over the city. The game The Party Crasher? Where is he now? I didn't know. He game He meets me. Gives me some design specs. I do 'em. I figured he was a gun fanatic. He's waiting for a gun I got now in the shop. Well, you're gonna meet him tomorrow. You got it? Okay game Okay. I'm sorry I'm late. It's just been one of those mornings. Couldn't get out of bed? No! I game I mean, no. I game No, I just, um, just, you know, busy down at the precinct. And, um, you know, this and that. Anyway, you already ordered? Yeah. Well, I didn't know if you were gonna come later on. It's fine. It's all right. It's all right. I'll just find something real quick here. Uh, all right. Okay. Excuse me. Oh! Ah, God. I, uh, I took this game this perp in this morning And I lost the key. I, um game Down a drain after I un-cuffed him. Okay. Uh, can I have the number six? Uh, I'd like that with romaine instead of iceberg lettuce, sprouts, if they're fresh, and a mustard vinaigrette on the side?

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