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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Radio BBC Three Counties 630

Radio BBC Three Counties 630, Online Radio BBC Three Counties 630 Radio internet, Radio BBC Three Counties 630 UK Radio
No. You can have what's on the menu, though. Can I have an Evian with lemon? I got tap water with ice. Fine. The reason I asked you here is game Well, it's John. Um, you guys are pretty close, right? Oh, yeah. Of course, of course. You might even say John's been sort of a role model for me. On our first date, I thought, "Wow, who is this guy?" you know. He's just game I mean, he was so attentive and he was so giving and he was such a good listener. But by the second and third date, lthoughL you know, "I wish this guy would loosen up a little bit." You know, maybe talk about himself. Maybe he's just not interested. Oh, he is. Yeah? Susan, believe me. Well game See, I just met you and how come I feel closer to you than I do to him? Well, that's, um, really game I mean, we haven't even slept together yet. Well, no, I mean game I game I want to. I used to have a speech impediment. You know, I couldn't say no. Bonnie cured me of that, you know. She cured me of a lot of things. Never thought I'd date a cop. What's it like? Well game It's kind of hard to put into words. I mean, we live this job. It's something we are, not something we do! You can't become a cop by game by strappin' on a gun and ridin' around all day. Every time a cop walks up to give someone a speeding ticket, he knows he might have to kill someone or be killed himself. But all people know about this job is what they see in the movies. Well, in the movies they get takes to get it right. We get one take it lasts our whole lives. We mess it up, and we're dead! Wow! I wish John would express himself like that. You know, like game Mmm! I'm sorry. I just get game It's nice having a police escort home. You like kids? Yeah, yeah. Kids are, uh game Kids are great. They're like little people. You were a big hit with Bonnie last night. Well, Bonnie's great. Susan, listen. This isn't right. Okay? I know where this is going and it's all wrong. What's all wrong? It happens to me all the time, okay? Believe me. But it's best if we just drop it now, okay? We just game Let's put it behind us. And nobody'll get hurt. Ray, I don't game I don't know what it is! Maybe game May game Maybe it's 'cause I look like Nick Lang, you know. And game And women seem to go for that boyish type. But it's not fair to John. Ray, wait a minute. Did you think game I mean, this isn't about you game I mean, you don't think I'm attracted to you? Uh, you know. No, no. Come on. No. You attracted to me? No. Come on. Why game Why would you be attracted to me? I'm sorry. 'Course, you know, maybe if you got to know me better. Excuse me. Jeez! Look at this useless mother! Look what we got here. Hey, leave her alone! Don't worry. Shh. He's a cop. Ray? Yeah, but it's game It's not myjurisdiction. 'Yeah, buLIRay, you gotta do something. I'm serious. Transit cops get very bent out of shape if you butt in on their busts. This is a piece of useless junk! Grandma, what else you got? Move over, doll. Hey, what game Ray! Leave her alone! Give me my purse! Shut up! Where's the cash? Check the money! Check the money! ', you gotta stop them! All right. All right. Okay. Uh game All right, fellas, hold it right there. NYPD. Hey, off, pig! What'd you say? Shit! Holy shit! Let's get the out of here! Are you a cop or aren't you? All right, you're under arrest! You pig! Whoo! Oh, shit! Where the are we game lfslocked! What do you mean, Wfslocked?" Let's get the out of here! Freeze! Die, Pig! What am I doing? What're you game Get outta here! Motherer! Somebody call a cop! I mean, another cop, besides me! It could be a hostage situation. Be cool. Come on, let's go! Come on, man. We gotta get out of here! Shoot him already! Don't make me use this! Ray's pinned down and he won't shoot 'cause of all the people standing around. Ray? Get her out of here. ! What are you doing? Damn! in' locked! He's out of bullets. He's out of bullets! Then go get him. Uh game Uh, police report will look better with your name on it, John. Damn it! Come on, come on! Kill him, man, kill him! Jesus Christ! . Shoot him, man,

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