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Monday, November 16, 2015

Radio BHR 1287

Radio BHR 1287, Online Radio BHR 1287 Radio internet, Radio BHR 1287 UK Radio
come on! Oh, shit! Step back, motherer! I'm gonna blow your head off! Step back! I'm notjoking! Thanks for the warning. Up against the wall and keep your mouth shut! Well, I could've done that. I was right. No bullets. You were wrong. Misfire. We'll talk later. Oh. I better get this job. Oh, Ray, what happened? You okay? Yeah? I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm game Can I talk to my partner for a second? Excuse me! Come on. What the hell's going on, huh? Coincidence, right? John, John“. You wanted to see a subway in New York? Of all the subways you wanted to see, you just happened to be on the one that Susan was on! Is that it? I invited him to lunch. You what? Yeah. Lflylook, I can explain. No, no, no! You don't have to explain! First of all, you bust up our date at the pizza parlor! Next thing I know you're having lunch with my girlfriend! Oh, cut the jealousy bit, John! You've got no right! I game You know, you can take Oh. a few pointers from a guy like Ray. He knows how to deal with people. And from what I could see, he's probably a better cop! Oh! While you were probably off trashing another pizza parlor, he was dealing with real felons without losing his head! Goodbye. Call me. I can't believe game I can't believe she just game You just kissed him? You kissed his face? And where the game Where are my handcuffs? I, you know, have to pay for those out of my own pocket! You know, I've been meaning to talk to you about that. Why game Why would you handcuff me to the bed? Is that the usual thing you do? Are we going to the station now? Hey, I was good in there, John! Seriously. Major cojones! So what is this? What? What? I game I know. Okay. I know. I left him on his own. Guilty as charged, sir, but game Uh, the guy's okay, right? I mean, not that that's any excuse. And I know it's really not music to your ears that all this happened while I was working on the Party Crasher case. But before you say what you have every right to say, sir, would you just listen to one thing, okay? I know where the Party Crasher's gonna be tomorrow. I know when. If we get every available car andjustcafl the shots ourselves for once, we can drop this guy cold! How do we do that? He's gonna pick up a gun tomorrow. We get there first. Okay? Get Pooley, Grainy and anybody else game Yes! Captain, thank you. Okay, great. game you can round up and get them over here. Okay. Okay. Now, I get rid of this guy, Nick Lang game No, Moss, you stay with Lang. And you do what I told you to do, and stay off this case. Now, until this guy goes home, he does not leave your sight, not to floss, not to clip his toenails, nothing. If you two go near anything more dangerous than a coffee shop, youWlbe an ex-policeman. No, you can't do this to me, sir. Yes, I can. Watch me! Yeah? Yeah. Okay- Okay- Geez. Yes, sir! Look. I'm not giving up on this case. I don't give a shit what your good buddy Captain Brix says. This maniads got to be stopped and I'm gonna do it. I'm the one who tracked him down today. Me. If anything comes of it, I'm gonna be there when they take this prick down, with you, without you, whatever. You got it? Hey, John, about Susan game I don't want to talk about it. That was not game All right. Okay. Crasher task force unit. Male caller states he has the Party Crasher at nd. Repeat, this may be the Party Crasher. Units responding? Six blocks away. Shit. I don't like it. No backup. I don't like you being here. I don't like playing wet nurse. You could've gotten yourself killed in that subway today. I figure if you're gonna be here, you've got a right to protect yourself. Loaded. That is the trigger. Do not move from this car! You sit here, you watch that door. If he comes out, you tell me which way he went. Period! You got it? That gun is only for emergencies. Right. You got it? I got it. I got it. Yeah, it's for emergencies. Don't move. Police! John? Shit! - Moss? - Look out! Get down! Get out, Lang! Holy shit, John, he's coming right at me! What do I do? Get back to the car! Call for backup! Go, Lang, get out, get out! I game I'll go call for backup!

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