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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Radio Phoenix 98 FM

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You got him? Jesus, Lang, what'd you do? What? You shot the wrong guy. Wrong guy? Jesus, Lang. Where's the shooter, the guy with gun? This is some street guy just trying to get out. Jesus Christ, Lang! What do you mean? You didn't tell me there was more than one guy. This guy doesn't even have a gun. Didn't you look? I can't. Damn it! He's dead. Oh, God! Oh. Oh, God. I game I just game I just game It's over. It's over for me. My life is over! What am I game What am I talking about? I killed game I killed an unarmed guy! A street guy. Give me the gun. What? Give me your gun! Get in the car. You're arresting me. Can you shut up? Get in the car and let me think! I'm going. Go on. Get in! Damn it! Ah, Jesus. Oh, God. Oh, God. All right. You're a civilian who just shot an unarmed man with a police-issue weapon and I let you do it. If you take the rap for this, we both lose our careers. But If I tell 'em I did it, maybe I can make it look a little more heroic. Maybe. My fingerprints are on this gun. You were never here. You understand? You were never here. I was never here. I was never here. I was game never here. You're an actor, Nick. Pretend it never happened. Go back, host some charity balls, save some whales, whatever it takes to make it okay. How can I forget? You can't. There's gonna be aninvesfigafion, right? I've been through 'em before. Oh, man. How come you're doing this for me, John? I don't know. Listen, if you need anything, you know, money, a suit for the trial, a lawyer, I'll call you as soon as I get back. No, no. Whatever you do, never call me. You understand? Right. John. Nick? Continental Airlines Flight to Los Angeles is now ready for boarding at Gate . All those passengers in first class as well as game Thank you. Hi, may I have your ticket please? What the hell am I doing? Where's Moss? China game China, where's Moss? Wherever you're not. Look, whatever he said he did, he did it for me. He didn't even do it. I did it. What? I wanna make a full confession. Do I look like a priest? Don't try talking me out of it, all right? 'Cause my mind's made up. What is he doing? "Moss, Moss, help me, Moss! "He's coming straight at me! "What should I do?" So I come bursting through the door like a maniac. And this imbecile, his eyes are completely closed, squeezes off a few shots. So I slap my chest, go flying down the stairs, head over heels, and land right on top of the ing guy! Now, he's sittin' there. And I'm dyin' on a piss, holding my breath. Next thing I know is, uh, Moss is going into this incredible performance going, uh, "Oh. Oh, don't worry, Nick. It's okay. "Um, I'll take the fall for you. "You go back to Hollywood." And he believes him! It was unreal. He finally sticks the kid on a plane and he gets him out of his hair. Moss is back on the case. He's on that sting operation. Oh! Nick, Nickie, baby! You sharpshooter, we heard about you! "it never happened, Nick. I'll take the fall for you, Nick." Son of a game You stupid! Stakeouts. Do you get hemorrhoids sitting here, like, I mean, like, forever? Yeah. I think I had hemorrhoids the last years. I hate it. Can't do nothin' about it. I might try hypnosis. That shit don't work. Something's gotta work. With you, I don't know what works. Oh, well, love certainly isn't doing it. He's half an hour late. I game I don't like it. And I don't like this either, man. You know, I could've been home watching the Nacho Prince against the Cutchi Frito kid, you know. WrestleMania XIV, pay-per-view. No, I'm in' over here, hanging out with you. Oh, shit! Here he comes! Oh, boy. That's him. We've got contact. Stay on your toes. Wait for the signal. It's beautiful. Thank you very much. It's beautiful! Damn it! I bet you can hear me, Lieutenant Moss. I just bet you can hear me. I think it's time we had a talk. I think it's time we got to know each other. Obviously, you just don't understand what I'm trying to do. Don't make me kill him! High noon. Moss, watch your ass, man. Relax, Benny. Yo! Close enough. I've been looking forward to this, meeting my opponent. Tell me, Lieutenant

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