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Friday, November 20, 2015

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why are you doing this? Doing what, exactly? Why are you treating me like a criminal? I don't know. Because game You are one. No, I'm not. You're a police officer. You should understand what I'm trying to do. We're playing the same game, Lieutenant! We're hooked into the same program! I haven't done anything wrong. Anything. I killed a pimp! I killed a drug dealer! I kill the people that make your life difficult. You killed a four-year-old girl. You sacrifice pawns. You play chess, Lieutenant? I would've been a great cop. Better than you. Because I'm smarter than you. I'm smarter than you and I'm better than you, I'm better than you are! Okay, okay. You wanna be a cop? Uh game Maybe, you know, it's, uh, it's not too late. I could put in a word. We could work something out. Hey, Lieutenant! You think I'm stupid? Well, I was game hoping you were stupid, butno, LH I don't think you're stupid. A little crazy, maybe. Don't shoot! He'll blow the place up! I'm standing in this shit! Game's over! Go! Go! You stupid idiot! A/I Crasher units-Crasher on foot. Heading west on th street near Broadway. Shit. Hey! Fourth Squad Lieutenant. I'm at the Beacon Theatre, th and Broadway, in pursuit of the Party Crasher. There you are, you son of a ! Police officer. Oh! Can I help you? Did you see a man, red shirt, blond hair? No. Wha.. Wha game If you see him, do not interact with him! Uh game Police. Yeah, and where's yourbadge? Uh game Where game Hey! Hey, come back here! Shit! Move outta the way. I didn't pay to see your butt. Put a cork in it. Hey, guys. I'm over here. Ugh. Oh! Oh, my God! No, no, no! No, God, no! Aah! Moss, look out! Stay down! Stay down! Joe, you gotta help me! Aah! Hang on! I'm coming! No! Ah. Aah! Ah. Okay, hold it, freeze. Hey, asshole! Aah! No! Ugh! Moss! Keep him alive for trial. That's all I ask. That's it! What the hell is he doing here? This guy's a murderer. You don't even have a gun. Moss? What, what? You're a dead man. It'll be easy. I killed once, I can kill again, right? Look, I was gonna leave a message on your phone machine, all right? You made me think I killed somebody. Do you have any idea what that feels like? Would you stop hitting me in the face? You got a minute? Okay, lock it up. You wanted to know what it feels like to be a cop. You wanted to know what it feels like to kill someone. Well, now you know. It feels like shit, huh? I finally know what it feels like to be you. It sucks. Susan, me game We wanted to like you. But no, nobody gets in, right? It's private. Well, that's not what I call it, John. I call it lonely. Hey, Nick? Ow! Damn! I hate when he does that! Is that what they call male bonding? Yeah, it's like talking to my ex-wife. I'm so stupid! Just keep driving. You talking to me? You talking to me? Shut up and keep driving. You know, I hate it when people don't say, "Please." PARTY CRASHERI SIOW down! Aah! I got a growth in my head the size of a summer squash. Doctor says I've got a month to live, so game You're shitting me. No, I'm not shitting anything! See, that's the problem! It starts with a tumor and it goes to the colon. Hey, I'm driving here! I'm driving here! Let's go out like men, you and me, huh? Let's go out with a bang! You pull over right now! Drop the gun! I said, "Pull over." Drop the gun. Pull the over! Drop the gun! Aah! - Drop the gun! - Stop the car! Drop the gun! I knew you'd see things my way. Yeah. -. This is Officer Casanov. I've got the Party Crasher in the back of my unit. I have him all gift wrapped for delivery. No need to thank me. It's all part of the job. Over and out. You want something done right, god damn it, call an actor. No. That was a riveting performance. Yeah. Thanks, Crash. Now eat this! I hate your movies! A little glamor found its way into the Fourth Precinct today. We're here with box-office champ, Nick Lang, star of the new smash, Smoking Gunn . Lang spent last night at NYU hospital after a life and death struggle with the notorious Party Crasher. I asked him, "What was it like being "face-to-face with a real-life bad guy?

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