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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Radio ICR 105.7 FM

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John, it's okay. It's okay. I'm not game I'm not shot. Oh, Jesus. If I was shot, I'd feel something, right? That's the way it works, Nick. In five minutes you're gonna wish you didn't feel anything at all. Hold on. Hold on. You're gonna make it. You were right. You're gonna make it. Hold on. I don't feel so hot all of a sudden. Why did you come back here? Why did I ever let you up here in the first place? I had to get the part. It's a great part. You think I would have got it? Yeah, pal. I think you would have nailed it. Oh, man. This is too real! Hold on, Nick. Come on, man. Just hold on. Oh, man, where are they? You're gonna make it. Just a little longer. Is he gonna be okay? He's tougher than he looks. Thank God. Easy. Are you finally happy, Nick? Answer me. You got what you wanted. This is what you wanted. Real bad guys. Real bullets. Real blood. Real bad guys. Real bullets. Real blood. You thought we were playing games, right? Well, this ain't the movies. It's about putting your life on the line every day, knowing somewhere there's a bullet with your name on it. Well, you found yours, you son of a . We're not like those assholes in the movies. They get takes to get it right. We get one. And it lasts our whole life. That's my line. That's what I said to him! Shh. Please, man. Could you be quiet? It was. I said that. Shh! This whole movie is stuff that I said to him. The little son of a stole my life! Would you shut up, Moss. We're trying to watch the end credits. Don't call it a comeback I been here for years I'm rocking my peers putting suckers in fear Making the tears rain down like a monsoon You know, he's a lot shorter in real life, okay? Boom, explosion! Overpowering Over the competition I'm towering Wrecking shop when I drop these lyrics That'll make you call the cops Don't you dare stare You better move Don't ever compare me to the rest That'll all get sliced and diced Competition's paying the price I'm gonna knock you out Mama said knock you out I'm gonna knock you out Mama said knock you out I'm gonna knock you out Mama said knock you out I'm gonna knock you out Mama said knock you out Don't you call this a regular jam I'm gonna rock this land I'm gonna take this itty bitty world by storm And I'm just getting warm Just like Muhammad Ali They called him Cassius Watch me bash this beat like a skull That you know I have beef with Why do you riff with me, the maniac psycho And when I pull out my jammy get ready 'Cause it might go blaw How ya like me now The river will not allow You to get with Mr. Swift don't riff Listen to my gear shift I'm blasting, outlasting, kinda like Shaft So you could say I'm shafting Old English filled my mind And I came up with a funky rhym ewe get two tenths faster per lap as of tomorrow. Three. Three? I can do at least three. Fine. Let's try it. Tonight: grams of pasta, grams of lean poultry, two apples and no chocolate. And don't forget your sports show interview. Glad you're here, Ludmilla. Huh? Our Anti-Doping friends. What? A NADA acquaintance told me. Kleinschmidt's coming. Oh, God. What's wrong? Kleinschmidt's coming. Impossible. I was checked two weeks ago. Your European record on Saturday. I said not to try so hard on the final meters. But you didn't listen. I tried. They were the fastest of your career. It was the insulin. We have minutes, tops. Have you taken anything since Saturday, Loni? , epo and a vial of clenbulerol. As agreed, Doc. to . On sale this week: Rosi garden shears. Make your yard look perfect this year. A five-year warranty for only . Euros at Honnom Construclion! Hello? Hello? There aren't even hooks in the toilets nowadays. Is it made of cotton? I mean your coat. Beware of bringing that to the cleaner's. I had one, too.

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