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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Radio BBC Suffolk FM

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Bought it in Heidelberg in . I've taken it to the cleaner's times since then. It no longer even fits Werner, and he's a lot smaller than me. Sorry, but this is the staff restroom. You're the nice young man from the garden department. I'm on my lunch break. Have you ever been in Heidelberg? I met my wife there. You should go there some time. To Heidelberg. It's worth it. GOLD MEDAL CANDIDATES But when people go on vacation nowadays, most of them go as far away as possible. America, Australia game But it's so beautiful in Germany. We always went to the Bavarian Forest. Every year, without exception. But, by now, if you believe it or not, I haven't been on vacation for years. The obligations at home. If only I'd known. My God. Do you have any toilet paper over there? Do you have family? I need some. I asked if you have a family. Yes, but I'm not married. Children? Two. Well then. See? You know about obligations. Thanks. I live with Werner. Yeah, and now a situation has arisen that may require our separation. I don't really know how to tell Werner that. He has nobody but me. "A situation has arisen?" I might have to go to prison. What do you want from me? I want to confess. I want you to hear my confession. Mrs. Schohusen? My name's Herbert Tapken. We talked on the phone yesterday. Who? It's concerning the brochure for raising your husband's toilet seat. I was in the neighborhood. I'm not prepared for visitors, Mr game Tapken, I won't cause you any trouble, but it's better to see your plumbing personally, or I'd send you the wrong brochure. Fine, if you're already here. But lake off your shoes. It's harder to vacuum at my age. Of course, Mrs. Schohusen. Nothing's better than sound technical advice. Lots of people order online and end up miserable. It's a plumbing salesman for your toilet. Calm down, Willi. I won't let anyone like that palm something off on me. Daisies. Meadow daisies. Here's the good old thing. Washdown. s. My Willi installed it himself back then. Good work. Some of my colleagues could learn a thing or two from him. My Willi always did it all himself at home. Then all of a sudden game Stop it, Mrs. Schohusen. My sister-in-law had a stroke last year. She was . I haven't eaten any meal since then. You don't eat meat anymore? Because of the blood lipids. It wasn't the fat. I'm a good cook. It can all add up, Mrs. Schohusen. It was his blood pressure. Have you seen the mosque on the corner? Winkler Street. Sure, I installed their plumbing. Stunning building. Very nice people. They're building a minaret. meters high. My Willi got so upset. You're right, meters is quite high, Mrs. Schohusen. But you called me about the raised toilet seal. The nurses recommended it. The Washlet-G. What's that? The Mercedes of raised toilet seats. The customer reactions have been extraordinary. I don't want a space ship. I want a raised toilet seal. I can sit Willi down on it, but can't gel him off of the bowl again. I'll be honest, Mrs. Schohusen. I hope so. The body has to go. The raised seals won't fit on it. But my Willi installed the toilet himself. Don't worry, I happen to have an exhibit piece in my van. You can pay me the wholesale price. Right, you happen to have one here. And I'd give you a special price on the Washlet-G, too. Young man, I've heard enough about your Mercedes. I have to cook dinner. Mrs. Schohusen? I'll leave the brochure here for you. Take it with you. Have a nice evening, Mrs. Schohusen. Awesome, man. Look. What was that? Mesut game zil, man. Stop, man. Why? Are you gay or what, man? Calm down, man. Know what I think? He's gay. Is he right? Are you gay or what, huh? Weren't you listening, man? Tarkan asked you a question. Don't got no respect? You disrespecting me? Are you antisocial or what? Give us a smoke. Sorry. I don't smoke. What did you say, pops? Yo, he just bumped into me. Did you just bump into me or what? You want trouble? You want trouble, huh? You want some real trouble? Are you a Nazi? What now, dickhead? ing Nazi. You're taking a shower, dickface. Hey, Nazi, you stink. He's done now.

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