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Friday, November 27, 2015

Radio Party 101.9 Fm

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l don't know you l don't like you. Step out of the car. l turn around and my friend Felipe is, like, Whooo. l am so scared. And the cop pulls out his gun cocks gun l'm freakin' out, Oh my God ! Back seat, my friend Felipe: Whooo. Whooo. l am so scared. Fool he is good. He is good. Then he points it at him. The look on my friend Felipe's face, gasp whispers Priceless! Are you serious? Are you serious? l'm a-go to jail? The cop was like cocks gun Nah but that was funny, huh? l love you Bakersfield ! Thank you ! curtain music Martin We're gonna bring Gabriel back out to answer some questions for you. You guys wanna bring Gabriel back out? wild cheering Ladies and gentlemen coming back to the stage, Gabriel lglesias. Thank you Martin. You pulled it off bro, congratulations. l needed that the first time l well never mind. They want to ask you some questions, uh Who we got first? This is a little different something we decided to do because there's gonna be a DVD release with special features we figured why not, sometimes people do things and sometimes people wanna know information and rather than go on the l nternet, you can ask the source. So, here's you guys' opportunity, anything you guys wanna ask me, go for it. What's your name, homey? My name is Danny. Where you from? Visalia, California. Visalia in the house! Go ahead Danny. This past summer l got on a rollercoaster, when l sat down it went click, click, click. How many'd you get? Dude, l'm beyond clicks now. l don't even get on. Like six years ago, bro, l could still go to Disneyland and lean on grrr. Now, l'm older, l hang out by the strollers. What's your question Patricia? How does your family feel about your success? Um some of the family thinks that l'm doing pretty good. My mom is happy 'cause she's got a car and it's paid for. laughter There are some members of the family that think l've gone Hollywood and l'm like, Okay. Some of the family members are really cool about it, and some are just kinda you know, hmmm. l love them all but, you know, hey, whatever. Not everybody can get a check. laughter Hey, how you doin'? What's your name? Gabriel JuIia! I know JuIia. You guys go back, eh? Way back. Like that? Like that. My question is to you l know you're making fun of me for having the runs and going to pee, and l know you have a girlfriend l saw her, very pretty, but will you please marry me, my fluffy bunny? audience goes oh ! "Fluffy bunny?" Wow. Girl my girlfriend's gonna jump you and my mom's gonna help. Take one for the team. Thank you though. Bye, now. Woo! screech Juan Mexican name. Yeah. Què pasò. How you doin', bro? Who's your favorite stand-up and have you ever met him? My favorite stand-up comic, Robin WiIIiams, and l met him last year. audience cheers Yeah. Thank you man. What l was curious about is how you come up with your material. How do l come up with material? Uh some people have writers, some comics are writers, l don't know how to sit down and come up with funny stuff and then come out here and try to perform it. l usually react to things that are happening like people getting up, walking to the bathroom baboso. And it's still the same guy, too. Things happen to me on a daily basis, and l find a way to make them funny, like, for example, sometimes at night, when l go to a drive-thru and they mess me up, l like to go back in line again and mess with them. Like when they come on the speaker, WeIcome to McDonaId'.s, how can l help you? l'll just start messing with them. l'll do like a girl voice and go, Oh my God hi ! laughs You don't just write that, it's kind of a spur of the moment type of thing. Then l come up here and tell the story. Everything you hear me talk about on the shows is usually a real story. How are you handling success? How am l handling it? l'll let you know when this airs. l'll let you know when the DVDs come out to see if I hang unintelligible. Honestly, bro, l don't know how you would say how you're handling it, l don't forget where l'm from that's exactly why l wanted to do the special here because it was a years later

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