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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Radio BBC Essex FM

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It's his own fault, the Nazi cunt. Kung fu and shit, right? You think you can do kung fu or what? Sure, man. Yo, that's gay shit. Watch. That's kung fu. Cool, man. Kung fu and shit, yeah? But you forgot something. What'? This Mr. Miyagi technique. Wash on, wash off! Gentlemen? You want more? Son of a . I don't know why Michi just gave away our Kandinsky either. For just ,. Yes. For some charity. Children or disabled in Africa, what do I know'? Charlotte? Patricia. Sweetie, I'll call you later, OK? Sweetie! It's so nice to see you. Yes, really nice. It's been an eternity. At your goose dinner. Three or four months ago. Exactly. How's Constantin? I wanted to gel in touch with you, but I was so busy. Our vacation home in Provence. Then we were skiing in Aspen, and this and that. You know the drill. Sure, no problem. You can't go to St. Moritz anymore. It was such impudence last time: We arrived and our suite had been given to guess whom? Russians. Russians. Can you imagine? They're everywhere now. Yes game you indicated that last time, loo. Sweetie, I'm about to have a photo shoot for the press for donating our Kandinsky, but I need to confess something. Well, you know. I haven't called you because I was so embarrassed last time. Embarrassed? Well game I bought magnificent geese that were massaged for two years and then Michi invited such people. I was so ashamed. Like the guy in jeans who Michi invited. In jeans! You mean Reiner'? Exactly. He said his father's an electrician in front of everyone. Incredible. I'll invite the caretaker next time, too. His father's a carpenter. Oh, it doesn't matter. I found him quite likable. If you're into chimpanzees. His chest hair was incredible. I thought it was a toupee. We spent some time together after dinner. He was all charged up. Maybe that's why I thought his dad was an electrician! It was just a one-night stand. As far as I'm concerned. He still sends me texts. Oh? Well, I should've known you'd be uptight about it. What's that supposed to mean? Nothing. But I don't regret it. So game what have you been up to lately? Working. Working? Surely you don't need to! What does Constantin say about that? Nothing. Six weeks till the games. We need a world record for gold. No kidding, Ludmilla. I told you we should send Loni to a training camp in the Andes or somewhere. Like all the other top athletes. Never mind. We're here now and we'll fix it. Dilution? We'll manage, dear. Manage what? To win gold. Your gold medal. This is my life! We all know that. You're number one! Let's keep cool. The anti-gold guys are breathing down our necks. And how? Substitute urine. That's our only chance. It won't work. Kleinschmidt busted Zimmermann just last week. That heptathlete game Kleinschmidt's focused on the gold. She'll stop at nothing to make headlines. I've earned this. Of course. It's about a level playing field. How did she do it? Did Zimmennann hide the urine in her vagina? Yes. We won't do that then. We'll use the men's method. to . to . My wife and daughter. Sweet, aren't they'? I've carried that picture around with me for years. You know, I normally picked them up in the car when they'd been at Aunt Irmgard's, but I was playing Skat that night. Skat was usually on Wednesdays, but that week was different. So they look the bus. So I game came home and no one was there, so I called Aunt Irmgard and she said game "They took the bus at : pm." The next morning, the police came into my office. I'd specifically told them to take the : PM bus, while it was still light. They always took the : bus. That Heise guy, they nabbed him soon after that, thank God. Married, two kids, a respectable job. "The Beast of Barsbüttel." Maybe you've heard of him. They had to let him go due to a lack of evidence. Everyone knew. Even the judge said, "Heise did it." Can you imagine? Yes, it was a difficult time for me. Mr. Rolfes to gardening. The worst part is, people treat you like an outcast. They cross the street as if you had cholera. As if I were contagious. As if I'd done it. If it wasn't for Günther, who knows?

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