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Monday, November 30, 2015

Radio BBC Norfolk FM

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Günther? Günther Griegoleit from Griegoleit Driving School. He was always there for me. Unfortunately, he later moved to Bielefeld. What? Griegoleit. He moved to Bielefeld. What a shame. Right. Mr. Rolfes to gardening, Mr. Rolfes. Listen, I game I'm very sorry game about everything game I don't mean to be rude game Mr. Rolfes to gardening. That's Werner. We were celebrating his th. A few years ago now, too. Where's that? At home. In the cellar. Are those bars? What' Here game in the foreground. The poles. They look like bars. Yes. It doesn't really concern me, but game who is this Werner? Werner Heise, the "Beast of Barsbüttel." I mean, once he confessed, I began calling him Werner. Earlier, I'd called him Mr. Heise He lives in your cellar? Yes. Since when? October rd, '. Our anniversary. We always drink a beer to celebrate. A nice dark ale. Yes, it was a bit strange for me at first, too. But over time game Humans are creatures of habit. You've held him captive for years? It's no easy job, let me tell you. But, I don't want to complain. We've really settled in since then. And nobody's ever missed him? What? Heise. I'd prefer if you call him "Werner." No one's ever missed Werner? Everyone hoped he'd disappear. When he was gone they finally felt safe again. That's how it was. What do you think? Think of what? That I'm protecting people from Werner? That he can't hurt anyone else? It's vigilantism. And if Werner were to game I mean, you have two kids. Both healthy, I hope. Yes, I game I mean, sure, if game he really did it, then game That's lovely. What? What? What's lovely? Well, that you understand. You know, that means a lot to me. I never said I understand. Not directly, but you did between the lines. Werner's got it good at my place: TV, bathroom, heating, kitchenette. Built it all myself. Sounds great. Yes. I thought so, too. Until two days ago. Two days ago? Yes? Yes, it's Mr. Tapken again, from Tapken Bathrooms. What now? Please step aside, Mrs. Schohusen. You can't just game You know, Mrs. Schohusen. I feel like you got the wrong impression of me. This is unacceptable, Mr. Tapken. I'd like to apologize, Mrs. Schohusen. My motto is always: "Only the best for my customers and a bit less if need be." I should've told you that. That's why we got our wires crossed. I'm sorry. I'll give you the exhibit piece. Every kind of raised seat fits, even the cheapest. You should leave now, Mr. Tapken. Good, Mrs. Schohusen. It's not the money, Mr. Tapken. Willi's moving into a home soon. Into a home? A nursing home. He moves in six weeks. Then he must go, I understand. You don't think I want him gone? I'm not inferring that, Mrs. Schohusen. You have to know what's best. His nurse only comes twice a day for minutes. That's the thanks you get for paying insurance all these years. The way this looks, you have no choice anyway. Willi can't even shower here. Even though great home-care setups do exist. Our healthcare policies are scandalous. I don't understand politics at all. Who does nowadays? My Willi was interested in politics before it became too much for his blood pressure. Is it really necessary for male politicians to bring their boyfriends on state visits? That's how the world is these days, Mrs. Schohusen. It's terrible in those nursing homes. What do you mean? Just what kind of men do you think are drawn to this female profession? God! That's how it is nowadays. But nurses in general are paid so little, you're lucky if they even speak German. Willi already had a stroke because of that minaret and everything. The doctor said the fat was mostly to blame. I'm a good cook. You have to believe me. Of course, Mrs. Schohusen. Even so, Willi still has six weeks here at home. That counts, too. He should be comfortable on the toilet. We can do that with a cheap model. That'd be lovely. I know how much those homes cost. If I knew Willi was moving out soon, I would've never suggested the Washlet-G. You'd only do that if you didn't want strangers taking care of him. I don't want that. I know. I know, Mrs. Schohusen. I'll cross my fingers they

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