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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Capital FM Leicestershire 105.4

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No time to argue. You get in there. Go, now! Don't come out. Bird. Carter, are you back? Hey, now, little lady, come on out. ! Whoa! ! . Damn, that kind of hurt! Ahh! This really ain't your day, pal. Hey, you want to think about packing it in, heading to the hospital, huh? Or somebody gets hurt. Man. Think it ain't looking too good for you, buddy! This is a lousy place for the end of the road. You think this is funny, huh? Okay, hillbilly. Alright. I'll show you how funny this is. That ain't nothing. the film. I'll take my chances. What're you doing? Wouldn't you like to know? Yeah, that's good, man. Keep moving around, keep that blood pumping. Wouldn't want you to lay down, close your eyes and never open them again. Go yourself. What? Trying to help you. Believe me. That's not such a bad way to go. You just kind of game drift off. Yeah? What dead mother er did you hear that from? You know. I'm surprise you haven't called for backup. Backup? That little girl IDs me. It's my ass, not my employers. My witness. My problem. I'm a contractor, mister. A professional. I don't lose. I don't ask for help. That's what keeps me employed. Yeah, well. It just gonna puts you in the ground too you know, throw in the towel soon, buddy. I mean, what the are we doing, man? This is like a pissing contest for you? Life ain't nothing but one big ing pissing contest, soldier boy Ain't you been paying attention? . I don't die unless the mother er trying to kill me, earns it. You ain't earned it. Be damn if I let some chicken like you take me out. You saying about me. I'm not the guy you're fighting, am I? Yeah. I'm starting to understand. You'll never understand a man like me, chump. Are you really the monster you want me to think you are? You don't have a daughter, do you? Yeah, I got a daughter. What. You think monsters don't breed? But, how did you get to be what you are? Oh, what the is it with you? You want to be my friend? You want to be my shrink? Huh? Or you did just fall in love with the velvet baritone of my voice. Come on, man. You want to know? Tough guy, huh? How you get to be like me? Jesus. Let's see. Oh, yeah. First guy I killed, brought me up, a bit. No, a lot. I couldn't eat, couldn't sleep. Can't even look myself in the mirror. Then something strange happened. Killed another fellow, I felt a little better. Killed another fellow, I felt a little better. The fellow after that, better. Pretty soon, the more jobs I got under my belt. The easier I slept at night. How many people would that take? I don't know, I don't count. Let's just say. These days I sleep like a baby. I don't know. I don't know how you could live with something like that. There's something I read once game stuck with me. He who makes a beast of himself loses the pain of being a man. Wow. We all got our ways in dealing with stuff. Guess for you, it's killing people. I kill 'cos it's my job, I take orders. You were a soldier, you know what that's like. Don't pull that card, pal. We don't kill kids. I kill for reasons. Money and necessity. I don't kill for pleasure.

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