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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Radio Demon FM 107.5

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I never have, I never will. Well, why don't we roll out Jerry Baker and ask him how he feels about that, huh? I was game an intimidation tactic, pure and simple. And I'm going to do whatever is necessary to get a hold of that girl, you know that. She's got to go. You don't look the devil in the face without taking the ride to the bottom floor The devil. You really are ed in the head, you know that? Ha. So, now, I'm crazy, huh? Well, one of us must be. Carter. What? You okay? What's the matter? I'm sorry I got you into this. Got me into this. Bird. Hey. Hey. We're put together for a reason. Lucky. What took you so long? Hey, partner! Got somebody down here who wants to talk to you. Go on, speak up, darling. Carter. Mara? Bingo! Found her number in your phone. Gave her a call. I told her I was a friend of yours. And I was really worry about you. That you needed to see her bad but you couldn't bring yourself to make the call. That's where I come in. Being the close loyal friend that I am. This poor woman drove half the night to get here, ain't that right, ma'am? Carter, I'm sorry. He told me you were drinking, I was worried about you. You hush now, you hear? I'm sorry. So, what's it gonna be, sergeant Greene? Looks like we got our tie breaker, huh? If you ing hurt her, man! I swear to ing Christ, you'll never get this kid. YOU UNDERSTAND? Somehow, I doubt that, soldier boy. Well, besides, she ain't seen my face yet. Have you, darling? No. Just like our old friend, Jerry Baker. You remember him? That's right. If you don't send the kid down here, she's going to get the same thing. This time, I'm not going to be soft about it. You understand? I'm gonna do some real exploring. Really open her up, see what she can do. So, you get your mind right, you send the girl down here with that film, and you can have your wife back, and you all can get on back to your happily ever after. How do I know I can trust you? You can't. But, if she was my wife, I'll take the chance just the same. And seeing this how we're here on your property, I'm gonna be real courteous and I'm gonna give you to the count of five. Carter. Here we go. Carter, you promised. Five! Clock's ticking. Carter, please. Carter, please. You promised. Four! You promised. Shhh. Please. Shut up! Here, you take this. Don't take too long. If he tries to come up 'em stairs, you shoot him. It will knock you on your ass, but, you'll hit him if you just aim downstairs, okay? It aims real wide. Three! What? No. What are you doing? I'm going to go see my son. Carter. Shhh. Two! Come on, sergeant Greene, don't be stupid. Alright, that's it. One. Carter. Alright! Okay. You make the right choice. I'm proud of you. Alright, you come on. You send her down. You can have your wife. Carter. Are you okay? Are you okay game Shhh! Well, not that it ain't nice to see your ugly mug. But, what the are you doing? I couldn't do it, man. I can't send that little girl down here. I can see that! Where's the gauge? She's got it. You want her? Go get her. Are you ing kidding me? All she's got to do,

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