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Monday, January 25, 2016

Radio 97.5 Kemet FM

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It's mine! Believe that, Jack? Yes, I do. Freddy, stop it. Mommy, Freddy hit me in the arm. Which arm, baby? This one. Jack, don't start. Hold out your other arm and let your brother hit you. Give me it! Jack, no! Hold it out. Whoever slaps you on the right cheek, turn the other to him also. Hit her. Don't be afraid. Jack, no! - Hit her! Isn't that great. Wonderful. Great parenting, Jack. Good job. It's okay. He didn't hurt her. There's no hitting in this house. Understand? Get in the corner! Do I put the chocolate chips in now, Mommy? That's right, honey, and then stir. Stir really quick. Laura, put that back. Come on. When is Daddy coming? Soon. Now let's get this finished, honey. None for you. No, Laura, stop it now. Next Friday, ask Lupe to stay the night. I can't stay, 'cause I invited the company managers over for dinner. I fired her. What, you fired her? Why? She made me feel like a cripple. Goddamn it, Paul. So, now who's going to cook for you? Who's going to clean up after you? Who's going to take care of you? Who? I can do it for myself. You can do it by yourself. I can't do it anymore, Paul. Really, I can't. What are you doing? I'm just raido What? What does it feel like I'm doing? Don't. Don't. You might hurt yourself. I'm not gonna hurt myself. Besides, I need you to raido I went to a fertility clinic. Good, more doctors. Mary, I can't have this discussion again. No, this is a raido this is a specialist. He said that with surgery, I might get pregnant. You need to donate sperm and then raido Mary, no. I could take care of him. But I can't. So what's the point? This is what I most want in the world. Do it for me, please. This'll be $.. Thank you. Find everything you need, sir? I'll have raido You know what? I left my wallet. Gonna be hot. Great. When does my brother plan to show up? He said he'll be back by :. One hundred percent pure golden lager. You outta your mind? Pretty much. It's warm. Well, if you wanna drink lemonade all night raido Just give it here. Give me raido Katie? Laura? Where are you guys? Hi, sweetheart, it's Dad. I was hoping we could have lunch one day next week. Give me a call. Hi, honey. I'm on my way home. If you need me to pick up anything along the way raido Look, Daddy, a pigeon! Girls, no, don't touch. Laura, stop it. Gimme a call on my cell. I'll see you in a bit. Bye. To send a message, press raido Hello. Speaking. What? Where? Stay here. I'll be right back. Now, Mary, you understand that even if the operation is successful, artificial insemination doesn't always work. It doesn't matter. We want to try. Paul? Now, Paul this is about having a child. And with your condition, you know you probably won't ever meet him. Well, life goes on, right? I'd lk yv to put on one of these gloves to avoid contaminating the sample. And try to make it all land in the receptacle. When you're done, just leave it in here. In case you need a little inspiration. Big boy, what are you doing? You ready to party? I'm here now. There you go! Good, come on. Come on! Dr. Swann, call the operator. Excuse me. My husband and daughters were in an accident, and I was told to come here. What were their names? Michael, Catherine and Laura Peck. Excuse me for a minute. Cris. What happened, sweetheart? I don't know. They haven't told me anything yet. It's gonna be all right. Everything will be okay. Don't worry. Okay, what is the most important question for safe ? What time does your husband get home? That's good? His Highness has arrived. Let's see what he comes up with. Serve up that chili. It's :. What are you gonna make up this time raido traffic? You preaching the word? The entire congregation has been waiting for you. It's your party, remember? What's wrong? Have you been drinking? No. You didn't drink again, did you? I just ran over a man and two girls. You're lying, right? I was driving home. Took a turn raido a little too quickly. I didn't see them crossing. Can't you go any faster? Baby, hold on. I love you. Deep breath. Good. Your lungs are clear. I got a question for you. Whose heart do I have? I can't tell you.

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