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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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It's hospital regulations. Just like the donor's family doesn't know your name either. But you know. Yes. This is your heart now. That's all that should matter to you. I wanna know who saved my life. If you want, you can write raido an anonymous letter to the family through the donor's association. Personally, I think it's better that you don't know. Mrs. Peck? I'm Dr. Jones. What happened to my family? Please, sit down. No, I'm okay. What happened? Well, your husband and your daughters were hit by a car, and we had to perform emergency surgery on your husband. Your husband suffered multiple skull fractures, and we had to remove blood clots from around the brain. He's in critical condition, and we're concerned that he's showing low brain activity. What? Is he gonna be all right? We're doing the best we can. And what about my daughters? Your youngest daughter was brought in with severe bleeding. She just wasn't able to get here in time. I'm very sorry. They both died in the accident. Where are they? Mrs. Peck, your girls are here, and you can see them if you like, but raido I wanna see them. Mrs. Peck, I wouldn't recommend it. I'm very sorry. If you'll excuse us, we have to get back to Mr. Peck. I'm very sorry. We want dinner! Marianne, we'd like some dinner in here! Tell Reverend John to stay. Make sure no one notices and get everyone to leave. What happened? Trish, just do what I tell ya! It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay. Come on. Start the truck up. Start the truck up. Pull it in. Come on, baby. Hey, Jack. What are you doing here, man? Just came to pick up my things, Brown. Why don't you let me buy you a couple of beers? I don't drink, Brown. How about a Diet Coke? You know, I've been talking to a buddy of mine about hooking you up with a job. Been telling him all about you. So, what do you say? I've been feeling shitty about what went down. Come on. I understand. So, what do you say? As you know, the doctors did everything they could to save your husband's life, but he has shown no brain activity. We're here to help you with some of the final decisions that need to be made. We have a patient raido who is gravely ill. I'm here to give you some information on organ donation. Are you willing for your husband to donate his heart? Can we discuss this another time? I'm afraid not. I can give you time to discuss it, but this is a decision that needs to be made soon. Paul? Paul, the beeper. It's the hospital. I think they've got a heart. Hello? Yes, I'm calling on behalf of Mr. Paul Rivers. Yes. Yes, I understand. Where do I have to take him? Good luck, my love. Hello. Hello. Does your shoulder bother you? Why? Because I was watching you swim before, and you have a wide stroke. If you bring it in tighter, you get a better glide. Thanks for the advice. Do you mind if I join you? Actually, I was just leaving. Here you go. Maybe just until you finish? No. Maybe next time. Did you know that eating alone can cause kidney damage? And that's bad. Well raido Okay, sorry. Hello? Hello, is Ana there? What? Is Ana there? Hang on a sec. Telephone. Who was that? Hi, honey, I'm on my way home. If you need me to pick up anything along the way, let me know. Look, Daddy, a pigeon! Girls, no, don't touch! Laura, stop it. Gimme a call on my cell. I'll see you in a bit. Bye. Did you go? Are they dead? I'm gonna turn myself in. John says nobody saw you. Nobody. They don't know the license plate or what kind of car. Some asshole even swears it was a cab. Marianne, what would you do if these were our children? Tell me. But they're not. It didn't happen to us. No, it didn't happen to us. It happened to me. What the do you gain by turning yourself in? It's my duty, Marianne. No, Jack, your duty is here with us. With your family. My duty's to God. Please. Marianne, get outta my way. Jack. Buddy, right there! Yes! My turn. I think I better go back to the hospital. Hey, he deserves it. I thought your doctor you're not supposed to eat that. I'm making up for lost time. Lost time, not lost pounds. We're gonna have to send you back for liposuction.

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