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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Radio Capital FM 96

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Hey Wyndham! Hello? Hello? Come here. Look at this. I've got a message for you. And you're not going to like it. Look at his chest. Pray for death. Jesus Christ! Calder? No Calder! No! No! Oh game no. Kelly? Aah! Hey. Hey you guys! They got the back doors blocked away there. What the hell's happening here? The back doors are locked! You okay? Check the windows? What's going on here? We can't get out.! - It's in here! Don't come in here! Go go go! Lock the door! Come on! Get over here! The sun's coming up. Normally I love being dominated by women. Lisa I'm sorry about what I said before. You don't look Asian at all. Shit. I thought I heard Walter. Walter? Walter! What the game do you want? Where are you? If I told you you wouldn't believe me. Hey. Can you dig through and get me out of here? I don't know. The wall's pretty thick. Are you all right? Well that's a relative thing right now but yeah. Wait a second. They're just standing there outside. Not trying to get in. They've stopped attacking for some reason. Walter where are you exactly? I'm in this closet. I think we can get through with this. It's gonna take a while. Walter we're gonna try and dig through. How long will it take? A couple ofhours. Oh great. I'll tell you what. I'll hang out here anyway. Well get ready to pull me back. Come on Brian. Come here. Come on Brian. Come on! Let's go! Now! Come on.! Come up here. Come on man. Hurry up.! Come on.! Come on Brian. Come on.! Come on Brian. Come on.! Come on. You guys seen any movies you like? All right. AJewish mother goes to the airport to meet her daughter. The daughter steps off the plane with an eight-foot-tall Zulu warrior game with a bone through his nose. The mother screams "You fool! I said a rich doctor!" Not a dream. We are using your brain's electrical system as a receiver. We are unable to transmit through conscious neuro-interference. You are receiving this broadcast as a dream. We are transmitting from the year game We can try the hallway after it gets dark. If I can make my way up front I could break some windows call for help. No one out there can help us. The other morning you said that you had something to tell me. And you probably game think that none of that matters now. But you're wrong. It's the only thing that does. Worker ants driven to a higher purpose unknown to the individual. Street people game our colleagues all controlled. Demonic possession? Of a kind. Not what we would expect though. Never that. Why would he need us? The book says his purpose is to bring the Father game back from the dark side wherever that is. There could be a limit as to what he could do you know as a volume of liquid. He controls simple organisms easily. But maybe he needs something more complex to complete a life cycle a host in which to live. Hello? Hello? - Walter? - It's Kelly. She's changing again. The swelling's gone down as if the liquid was absorbed into her system. I can see tissue changes on her face. Also I think her bone structure is changing. Maybe this is the only way he could actualize his power. A parasite growing into its host. This could be some kind of gestation period. I know I'd seen it before. Kelly had a mark. It was a bruise almost like a figure. I saw it in a history book game the astrologer's staff used in ritual magic in the middle ages. The mark was on her? Yes. As if she were chosen. - Walter! - What? Keep watching her closely. Anything that you see tell us.! I have to go to the bathroom. God game and Father game of our Lord game Jesus Christ. I appeal to your game holy name humbly begging that You game will grant us help game against this game unclean game spirit. Thou game tormenteth these creatures game of hell. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Look down game upon these Thy servants caught in the coils of game Where are You? Christ where are You? Holy shit! Get me the hell out ofhere.! Help me.! Help me get out ofhere.! They're gonna kill me! I don't want to die! Help me! Help! Help me.! Behind the door. Behind the door! You can't Brian! Oh God! Help! Help me! Oh. Hey! Aah! Come on! It's not working!

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