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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Radio BBC Nottingham FM 95.5

Radio BBC Nottingham FM 95.5, Online Radio BBC Nottingham FM 95.5 Radio internet, Radio BBC Nottingham FM 95.5 UK Radio
Our technology has not developed a transmitter strong enough game to reach your conscious and your awareness. What were you dreaming? Your kingdom Father does not include my unconscious. It's mine and I may abuse it any way I wish game without having to confess what's in it. Something I haven't told you. The Brotherhood of Sleep game Anyone in close proximity game has the same dream. The one you had just now. Um game Excuse me but I game The guardian priests had the dream for years. What does it mean? A premonition. The dream evolves unfolds. We shall start to have it every time we go to sleep. As if it's pushing everything else out. Making room for itself. Mullins? Do you think he really just took off? I mean like he was actually believing this whole business? Why is everybody looking at me that way? 'Cause you're being asshole-ish. That's very asshole-ish of you to say so. Look Mullins is probably off asleep someplace. Or he's boffing the radiologist. I hope he's getting laid. I hope they're both on their way to a nice Chinese restaurant. How can you keep working like this? It's game :. No wonder I'm so tired. I keep getting these figures in the computer but they're not making any sense. I stopped making sense about minutes ago. No I mean these equations are beyond me now. They're like another language. Mmm. Go get some sleep. I'll wake you in half an hour. Oh minutes? Okay. Hey are you okay? No. I know what you mean. I just want to go home pretend none of this is really happening. What's that? Hmm? Oh it's just a bruise I got somehow. Finally stopped hurting. This looks like a figure of some kind. No I got to close my eyes. Okay. I'll wake you. Thanks. Hello. I'm opening the door if you want to stop what you're doing and put your clothes on. Big doings in the lab tonight. There's a meeting. Oh give me just minutes. You want me to come back? Later. Any luck? Can't find anybody. I'm going up to the lab. I'll be there in a minute. We're having a meeting in the lab. Lisa.! Mona Lisa! Lisa? This whole building is gonna have to be encased in concrete. No way. A building this size? I say we launch the game er into space. I'm hearing something. Where are the others? We think they've left. Kelly's asleep. I didn't want to wake her up. I'm asking you to stay. The work that we do in the next hours is critical. How many of you have fallen asleep tonight? Please tell me. Come on. Please. You dreamed game You dreamed about the front of this church. About a dark figure coming out. Didn't you game Didn't you feel it? Not like a dream. Like something else. Here. I had the dream too. This image of something that didn't seem to belong to my subconscious. Almost if I was watching something prerecorded. Tachyons? One possibility. What's that? - It's a Greek word. It means "swift one. " So what is the dream? Huh? Precognition? Previous knowledge of a future event? A shared vision of something that is yet to occur? Caused by that thing downstairs? Perhaps not. Tachyon is a subatomic particle that travels faster than light. Supposing it isn't a dream. Supposing it's a message. What if these dreams premonitions omens game What if they're really game visual messages sent by other human beings? Photographs. Video signals. From where? The future. Anything traveling faster than the speed of light game would appear to be going backward in time. A future scientist calculates the exact spot game that the Earth occupied in space in the past given trajectory and speed. He then beams a tachyon signal game at that spot transmitting video information backwards through time. For us to receive as electrical impulses neural stimulus. Man oh man. For what purpose? Could be a warning. To show us what's going to happen. A sort of game remote camera view of the future so that we can change it. Someone has finally shown up to tell us. I think it's time we stood up for what we are. I think there's something wrong with this. I'm not getting anything now. It's gone dead. Maybe the generator's dead. No it looks more like the units downstairs were cut off. Hello? Hello?

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