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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Radio Faza FM 97.1

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We were salesmen that's all. We sold our product game to those who didn't have it. The new life. Reward ourselves punish our enemies game so we can live without truth. A substance malevolence. That was the truth. Asleep game until now. Help me break this up. The others shouldn't hear this. Faith is a hard thing to come by these days. Look at this. That thing down therejust directed a fairly sizable burst of energy. Directed? In a straight line game with the precision of less than a millisecond. Everybody's acting like we should really be taking this seriously. You two aren't taking this seriously are you? What are we supposed to do? Just go back to work? What would you rather have a wreath of garlic? A benediction? A crucifix? Then it really is Old Scratch knocking at the door. A few minutes ago a vibration was triggered in the metal on that thing downstairs. A strong one. Some kind of game kinetic emission came out of it. Now if it can transmit a signal strong enough game It can move other objects game instantaneously across a distance game Without outside intervention. Psychokinesis. Mind-directed energy. Don't tell the others yet. Why not? They have a right to know that this game that it game it's conscious. Not until you prove it wasn't something else game a power surge or a draft of air. All right. You missed the big history lesson. You're not gonna believe what's been going on up here. Want one? Anyone ever tell you that you could pass for Asian? Whew. What was that all about? No sense of humor. Have you seen Susan? Who? Radiologist glasses. Oh yeah. She's right outside. Where? She was there. I think somebody oughta tell her. Look am I crazy or are we stroking ourselves heavily here? Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. Susan? There's more to it. There's some kind of power game directed outward. A controlled force. What's it doing? Reaching out. Influencing. Changing things. Moving objects by thought. Extraordinary intervention. Intelligent cause other than man. Susan? Hello? Suppose game what your faith has said was essentially correct. Suppose there is a universal mind controlling everything. A god willing the behavior of every subatomic particle. Now every particle has an anti-particle. Its mirror image. Its negative side. Maybe this universal mind game resides in the mirror image instead of in our universe game as we wanted to believe. Maybe he's anti-God bringing darkness instead of light. Why weren't we told the truth? Without the technology to confirm it would have been another legend. But he was our prisoner not yours! We had a responsibility game to warn the rest of the world. Only the corrupt are listened to now and they tell us what we want to hear. We believe it to be divine light. It just got colder in here. I know. Suddenly as if game as if something game moved through the room. Listen do you realize what's going on up there? We are on the brink of the ultimate truth! Oh this priest is a real case. He is looney tunes and I'm beginning to wonder about Birack too. I'm going back. Come on Calder. Come on Frank! You're outta your minds! This is a joke. This is caca. Come on! Caca. Hello? Where's Wyndham? Uh he left. When? Oh about minutes ago. We tried to talk him out of it but uh game Has anyone seen Susan? Who? The radiologist. Glasses? Well maybe she left too. Maybe they both had the right idea. This is not a dream. Not a dream. We are using your brain's electrical system as a receiver. We are unable to transmit through conscious neuro-interference. You are receiving this broadcast as a dream. We are transmitting from the year - game Walter? What? Have you seen Mullins? What? No. Susan? Who? Radiologist. Glasses. Come on man. I was asleep. We can't find them. And Wyndham's left. Couple of the others are talking about leaving. We're gonna have a meeting in the lab in half an hour. Mullins left? I don't know. I'm gonna go downstairs and look for him. Well since I'm up now. If I don't come back you can have my Porsche. You are receiving this broadcast in order to alter the events you are seeing.

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