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Friday, January 15, 2016

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Are you all right? We're ready. He's gaining strength. I can feel it all around us now. So what's going on? Something downstairs. Yeah? What? I hate to tell you guys but this is real bullshit. I know there's a reason why nobody's opened this thing yet right? Let me have your pen for a second. Is this some kind of toxic crap? Could be. Okay but I still don't understand why we're not taking direct samples. I mean what's the big mystery? Catherine's entering these equations upstairs. They're translated from Latin. Differential equations? From a book written years ago. We hadn't invented differential equations game Right. Professor Birack I don't think we have too much to worry about. The lid on that thing won't open. Look. It's incredibly elaborate. Right here there's a game there's a weird locking mechanism. Looks like it can only be opened from the inside. I'm going back. Look at this. Now a friend of mine at U.C.L.A. Did a study of chronic schizophrenics. They're supposed to have stereotyped routines that they repeat every minutes or so. You know like a stuck record in their brains repeating the same phrase over and over. Well I have been watching them on and off all day and they don't seem to be making any movements. They just stand there. With those kinds of problems I say let 'em stand there if they want to. Ooh! You okay? Yeah. I bumped into something this afternoon. It's starting to hurt. Probably nerves. It's a bruise Walter. You don't bruise from nerves. I used to break out when I was . Doctor said it was homo game ual panic. I'll see you Monday morning. You got anything for me? No I'm afraid not. I'm guessing on the acidity based upon the corrosion samples. The figures you gave me. Yeah. Well it can't be that high. Well I know but you asked me to guess. All right get outta here. Good night sir. Hey what's with the "sir" business? Okay good night Sir Doc. Better. A lot better. My God. Hey look can I talk to you for a minute? Yes. Nobody's really saying much of anything here. We're still putting together the first round of tests and nobody's really stopped since we got here. Get to the point. Nothing game anywhere ever is supposed to be able to do what it is doing. Now settle down now. Go back to work. A life form is growing out of pre-biotic fluid. It's not winding down into disorder. It's self-organizing. It's becoming something. What? I mean an animal? A disease? What? The hardest thing to hear for any of us is something we don't agree with. "I saw a star fall from heaven unto the bottomless pit and he was cast out as water from the flood game " This is crazy. Man. Hadn't you seen it yet? No. For the last four hours I've been carbon dating the corrosion on the lid there. We're talking about seven million years. What? Yeah. I'm goin' topside. Want me to wait for you? No uh-uh. Go on. This whole section's a kind of history. Part of it was indecipherable as if someone were deliberately trying to erase it. I managed to piece together most of it. Okay it kind of starts here. "The container was buried somewhere in the Middle East eons ago by game " It gets a little wild here game "the father of Satan "a god who once walked the earth before man game but was somehow banished to the dark side. " Apparently the father buried his son inside the container. This was the section someone was trying to erase. Now later on here "Christ comes to warn us. He was of extraterrestrial ancestry but a human-like race. " Finally they determine Christ is crazy but he's also gaining power converting a lot of people to his beliefs so they kill him. But his disciples keep the secret and hide it from civilization game until man could develop a science sophisticated enough to prove what Christ was saying. Something like this can really game up your weekend. How did the Roman Catholic Church manage to keep this a secret for years? Apparently a decision was made game to characterize pure evil as a spiritual force even within the darkness in the hearts of men. It was more convenient. In that way man remained at the center of things. A stupid lie.

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