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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Radio Ikhlas FM 107.8

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What happened? You talk numbers you get romantic. You talk people you clam up. Just a little miscue that's all. It's not your fault. I'm sorry. I'll see you later. Hey wait. This conversation isn't what I had in mind. Can we start over? Okay. Okay. I was hoping that you would need some help with your theory and that maybe we could discuss it game over game over dinner or something. Well I suppose something could be arranged. There are other things that I need help with game over dinner. I have volunteered our services to the Archdiocese. Now each of you is a competent physicist even though you don't have a degree to prove it. Participating in this examination game will greatly improve your classroom averages I might add. Plan to take your meals there. We'll bring cots to sleep on. There are other departments joining us. Excuse me sir. Is there some reason why you're not telling us what we're gonna be doing? In time. It's your disbelief that powers him. Your stubborn faith in game in common sense game that allows his deception. He lives in the smallest parts of it game in the atoms. Smaller invisible. He lives in all of it game in the sum of its parts. We must translate this book. You must prove it scientifically. Convince the outside world. The outside world doesn't want to hear this kind of bullshit. Just keep it locked away. You've already managed that for years. No prison can hold him now. Hi. HI. It's getting cold out here. I thought this was supposed to be California. Did you have a class tonight or game Library. Oh. Actually I was hoping you'd have a cup of coffee with me again. This is startin' to become a habit. Okay. Okay. Good morning. Thank you. We didn't get much sleep. Mmm. Who needs sleep? We do. Today's Friday. Can I tell you something? Oh please don't. I want to. Tell me next time game if there is one. Or the time after that or game two years from now. Who was he? The one who gave you such a high opinion of men? I wouldn't like it if either of us jumped to conclusions. How do you know I was going to say what you think I was gonna say? Because if you don't I don't wanna know. Oh please don't tell me. This place gives me the creeps. Well it was abandoned. Hmm. I never would've guessed. No I hear it used to be a beautiful church. When? In the s. My husband's parents used to come here. And then for some reason it was closed down. Well! Yeah. Hi. I'm uh Leahy. I'm looking for Birack. Hi. Brian Marsh. He's over in game There he is. Ah. Thanks. Professor Birack. Yes. Hi. I'm Paul Leahy. Oh. Dr. Leahy. I'm glad you could come. Yes. Well now all I really know about what's goin' on here game is what one of your students told me on the telephone. We're just getting organized. If you have some equipment find a spot over there. All right. We're making this the central lab. Sure. Well what are we actually doing here? Well I gotta cover for Leahy over the weekend. Extra credit seminar. Wow. Hi Frank. Don't leave. Excuse me. I have to set up. Hi. Hello. Frankie who's that? Susan Cabot. Radiologist. Married. Ah. How married? Very. Oh. Hi Doc. Hi. I'll be workin' upstairs. I want you to set up the basic panel down here. Right. What are you supposed to be testing? I don't know. Compounds? Basic structures? When I know you'll know. Uh Leahy. Great. Science marches on. Yeah. Need any help? No I'm okay. There better be a diploma in my mailbox when I get home on Monday. I really can't believe this is happening. I had a date tonight game with this beautiful young trial attorney from Century City. Where were you taking him? Please it isn't funny. What are they doing? They're watching us. They started comin' around when I got here at : this morning. I'm Calder. Microbiology. Brian Marsh. Walter. Lomax. Engineering. Nice meeting you. Hi. Lomax. How you doing? So anybody know what this whole deal's about yet? Not a clue. Nobody's got a clue. I'm getting my doctorate in theology. Analysis of ancient scriptures. This shouldn't be too difficult except for the numbers. It's so wonderful what you're doing Father opening the church again.

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