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Monday, January 11, 2016

Radio Capital FM Derbyshire 102.8

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Birack did that whole series of debates on the . A few years ago. Oh with the English priest. Right. Maybe they're planning another one. He died before his appointment with the Cardinal but he left a diary. You-You must help us. Please. The discovery of this supernova game has immense significance to the scientific community. Particles collected date from pre-Cambrian times game before man walked on earth. Light from the explosion was hurled through space game at miles per second and is just now reaching us across the vast expanse of the universe. He was the guardian priest. Apparently he lived here for over years. Once a week he would venture out for food. And every day he opened this door. Built in the s game by arrangement with the Spanish government. Who knew about this? Only the members of this forgotten sect. The Brotherhood of Sleep. There was a vow of silence. Even their very existence was kept from the Holy See. The Vatican didn't know? The guardian priest would keep the secret and before he died would pass it on to another. The sect had enormous power and authority. Their actions were never questioned. Latin. Some of it is in Latin. Some in Coptic Greek numbers. It's not easy to decipher. The original text has been distorted over the years. Distorted? Rewritten. Writing upon writing sometimes two or three times and improperly erased. You can still see the old writing. It's underneath. What is it? A secret that can no longer be kept. Do you feel it? Yes. Something. It was never here before. It started a month ago. What started? A change in the earth game and the sky. His power. I don't get it. What don't you get? The whole thing. It doesn't make sense. It violates common sense. That's the whole point. That's what Einstein couldn't accept. I can't accept it either. Do you know anything about spontaneous human combustion? Walter come on. That's Schrodinger's cat. I know I know. So what's the point? The point is until the cat is observed by someone he's not in any definite state either alive or dead. He's in a wave superposition state both dead and alive at the same time. Huh? Okay. Only when we open the box and observe the cat game does he materialize into reality either dead or alive. But it doesn't make sense. That is the entire complete point. It doesn't make any common sense. Our common sense breaks down on a subatomic level. Why do I want a Ph. D in this? Particle beam weapons research grants. A millionaire when I'm . Now I remember. You're really gonna like this. Class canceled? "Will the following students please see Professor Birack. " Shit there I am. Me too. All of us. And we heard Birack wants us to cancel our plans for the weekend. What? That's not all. A couple of biochemistry's finest are coming with us. And someone to translate Latin. Coming with us where? I'm gonna have to pull some strings here. This is just not gonna happen. I have serious plans for the weekend. : Walter Birack's office. Oh I gotta ditch Pagels again. He's not gonna like it. Sleep with him. Get an "A." So what about your plans? I was gonna study actually. Me too. I'm Brian Marsh by the way since we're spending the weekend together. I know. Catherine Danforth. I know. So where did you transfer from? Kneale. Theoretical physics. I came here to study with Birack. You're applied physics right? So why are you taking Birack for theory? I wanna know what the math means. Birack's ruthless. He wants philosophers not scientists. Well I've read his books. He's a brilliant man. Just when I think I've got it visualized it it just all goes away. I start seeing old-fashioned classical reality again. I want the clock put back. I wanna put it all into a little box. But whenever I try it just uh slithers out. Some things aren't changed by quantum physics though. Such as? Well for instance every theoretical physicist I know wonders why it is game that no one who looks like you game ever seems to settle down in our end of the building. That's not true and that's an extremely game ist thing to say. Confirmed game ist and proud of it. Hey. I was just joking.

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