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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Rutland Radio 107.2 FM

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We should have killed them with our own hands. Goodbye. Why aren't you talking? Don't you have something to tell me? Yes. The reason I came to Hokkaido is because there is something I have to tell you in person. However, I changed my mind when I just saw you. Why's that? The reason is Game we're the same. Feeling regret for something we did, or trying to pretend not to care. Feeling regret for something we did? Does it sound familiar? Does it? Remember? When we were on our way to Botnnuten. Yes? You don't remember? Is it a whale carcass? That looks like it. I wonder which of the dogs had ran off inside. I reckon it would have been Jiro. Maybe Jiro? Would Anko and Kuma be inside as well? No, it would be Riki. Riki? If it was Riki, he must have led the others there. Yes, he must have. Ochi. Yes? Do you think they're still alive? What do you think, Mr Ushioda? At that time, Riki, Taro, Jiro, and Anko were all that remained. The dogs were were leaving the ice inland and heading towards the glacier. They were feeling fatigued. The appearance of the skuas meant that the hard winter had ended. However, nature did not greet these dogs warmly. A killer whale made a surprise attack. Riki protected Taro and Jiro. Taro and Jiro came back because they would not leave Riki. It was Riki who showed Taro that they could find seal carcasses near the crevice. Riki fought for his life. He could not make it. Riki, six years old, born in Kio Anko's ice floe was floating inland. Good afternoon. Good afternoon, Miss. Is that the puppy you brought to my home before? Yes. It's grown up, what's his name? It's Riki. Riki Game We've decided we'd like to raise another dog. Is that so? Riki must be thrilled. Riki Game wait for me, Riki. Riki. Riki. Riki was raised on Kio island. Once winter gets there, the dogs would be left on the island. But people will come back for the winter. The dogs would have to go and find food for themselves. They would survive. Therefore Riki must be surviving on his own also. Because he is a diligent dog. Even if he can survive on Kio by himself, you can't compare Kio with Antarctica. I think so. It's impossible for all of them to survive. However, recently I've felt that a few of them may be able to survive. That's what I think. But the temperature in Antarctica gets to forty below. Even fifty. Karafuto dogs can withstand cold weather very well. Riki will probably find food on his own. I hope so. That's encouraging. Up till now, I've still been regretting that we didn't kill the dogs. But that would be wrong. Because that's not the way life is supposed to be. All lives are equal. No one has the right to end the lives of those dogs. It took me such a long time to understand that. Springtime arrived in Antarctica. For Taro and Jiro, who grew up in Antarctica, the base is their home. Kuma brought another dog with him. It was Anko who was taken inland on an ice floe. Anko met Kuma who stayed at the chasm. And so he survived. The three dogs then followed Kuma to hunt for food. Anko, three years old, born in Kio Only three huskies remained. Kuma, five years old, born in Furen Kuma had once again disappeared on the other side of the island. Taro and Jiro couldn't bear to leave the base, their home. Why are you looking worried? AT LEAST TWELVE PEOPLE WOULD FORM THE THIRD CROSS-WINTER EXPEDITION TEAM Would you go without telling me? No. How can I leave you again and go to the ends of the Earth by myself? Even if I go, it would only make me sad. So does that mean that you still haven't joined the team? Hurry Game you should get to Tokyo now. You should be able to make it if you go now. I'll wait for you. You should go to Antarctica and see for yourself. Then you can decide to choose me, or leave me. Please stay around, Mr Ushioda. Jakku, four years old, born in Kio Ochi, that's Jakku. I'm sorry. Can we go around that mountain once more? Captain, what did you see? Hurry up and get to the Shiowa base. Mr Ushioda, the supplies will be shipped immediately after investigating the base. Can you please give this up? Mr Ushioda. Goro. It must be the lack of food. Ochi. Kuma? No, it's Taro and Jiro!

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