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Thursday, January 7, 2016

BBC Radio Derby FM 104.5

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Riki tracked the footprints, and ran inland. It was the path they had taken on the expedition to Botnnuten. However, Kuma likes running alone. So he stayed at the gap. In Antarctica, the sun does not appear from May to July. The whole continent becomes dark and hostile. The Aurora Australis makes an appearance in the Antarctic sky. It's disturbing to the dogs. The pack stayed close together. All of a sudden Jake got up and ran off. The loner, Kuma, looked up to the sky. Jake left his pack, he stood alone on the huge glacier. JULY, GION FESTIVAL DEPARTMENT OF GEOPHYSICS, KYOTO UNIVERSITY Please come in. I'm sorry for being late. Are you still working? Do we really have to go? It'll be so crowded. But I didn't go last year. Was that my fault? You think it wasn't? You ran off to the end of the world. Was that not your fault? Anyway, we should get moving. God, hurry up and get ready. If you don't listen to me, I'm not gonna marry you. It's there Game I can see it there. The Japanese halberd is there. It's beautiful. Little P, see Game the Japanese halberd is here. Look. Little P, that's the Japanese halberd. See? Go have a look Game You look like a dog lover. Because dogs know a dog lover when they see one. Little P, right? Let's go. What's wrong? Hey. Is it true, sir? What? The hottest days in Japan are the coldest days in the Antarctic? Please stop that. Didn't I tell you he doesn't like to talk about Antarctica? Actually, that's true. But how do you know that? No way. Don't touch that. Don't change the subject, okay? How did you find out? Oh no. It's very hot now, But people claim that it's winter in the South. I just don't understand that. Yeah, this is it. It's all this book's fault. That's the article I read. FEELING GUILTY ABOUT LEAVING THE HUSKIES, USHIODA IS TRAVELLING TO APOLOGISE TO THE FAMILIES THAT REARED THE DOGS. He sacrificed himself for such a great mission, I think he died a noble death. Although it is a pity, I wouldn't blame anyone for it. Thank you for making this trip. I should go. Thank you for coming. Please accept this. Please take care of it. By the way Game I want to ask you something and I hope you can be honest. Please go ahead. When you last saw Riki, what was he doing? Riki belonged to me and my sister. My sister is not here at the moment. I think when she gets back, she would ask me for sure. Riki and the rest of the dogs were chained together. Chained? I'm terribly sorry. That's Riki's grave, my sister made it. I don't want any other dog. Riki won't come back even if you gave me another puppy. I won't accept other dogs. Why did you leave Riki and come back by yourself? Why didn't you bring him back with you? I hate you. Hate you! Give me back Riki! Maki, what are you doing? Stop it. We've decided not to raise another dog. So please take that dog back. Maki, it's okay now, let's go home. All of sudden Riki started to run wildly Because there remained the smell of humans. This was the storage depot of the expedition to Botnnuten. Some leftover meat was found. The one who fell was Shiro, he was very close to Anko. Shiro, three years old, born in Kio Now the mayor will say a few words. The Sakhalin huskies, who were sacrificed in honour during the exploration of Antarctica, were born here, in Hokkaido and raised in this town. Furen's Kuma, Kio's Anko. They were trained the same way as the others. Hokkaido is very proud to have these puppies as friends. They are not only the pride of Hokkaido, they are the pride of Japan. We are now doing this for our friends Game Mr Ushioda. The Europeans are very concerned about those dogs too. I'm sorry. Would you let us interview you? Please answer some questions for us. I'm sorry. Mr Ushioda, since you quit your job at the university, you have been giving speeches about the dogs, right? Is that because of the guilt brought on by the fact that you left these dogs in Antarctica? What do you mean by guilt? Those dogs were our partners. But what became of them at last? You chose to abandon them to die in such a cruel way. What do you make of that? You're right.

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