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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Radio Erewash Sound FM 96.8

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and the observation team, I'm sorry to say that the weather is not getting better. In addition, the SOUYA has reached its full capabilty. We must terminate the mission of the Second Cross-Winter team. The Shouwa base must be abandoned at once. At noon today, The SOUYA will withdraw its mission regarding the glacier, and head back. Like every one of you, I did my best to accomplish this mission. Nevertheless, we have done all we can do. Mr Ushioda. All our efforts have been wasted. I'm sorry. We've been through everything together, we should encourage each other now, and go back to our country. Captain. He's in the map room. Captain, you Game you're giving up on the dogs? Ochi, please stop. We've done our best. Please, two more trips. Please let's go to Shouwa two more times. Then we can bring back all the dogs. It's impossible in this weather. Then we'll fly there once. Can we let the plane fly once more? Flying once is not enough. The dogs' total weight exceeds kilograms. I'm going anyway. I'll poison them. There's no other way to be responsible. Your name is Mr Ushioda, right? If we don't terminate the mission today, then we're going against orders from headquarters. Moreover Game Moreover? This ship is short of fresh water. We can't waste any more fuel for the water generator. Ushioda. The blades and the rudder are damaged. The SOUYA is in a bad shape, and there is no more fuel. Even returning to Cape Town is no easy task. Please think sensibly. It's not fair to the crew members. Drinking water? If there's no drinking water, then there's nothing left to do. Mr Ushioda. I Game I should give this back to you. Actually, we're carrying something very important here. This is what the fans of Sakhalin huskies all over the nation gave us to decorate the dogs' home. We're leaving. Good. Have a shave, it will freshen you up a bit. Mr Ushioda. There's nothing I can do. What do you think I can do? The first to break the chain was Anko. The second one was Jakku. Then it was the leader, Riki, who broke free from his collar. Then came Jiro. Shiro was free at last. The loose dogs have returned to the base. Brothers Taro and Jiro have always stayed together. Riki and other dogs explored inside the base in order to look for people. Besu, Moku and the others also went down. The leader of the dogs, Riki, brought Anko, Jakku, Shiro and Jiro outside of the base to look for food. Kuma had taken off also. Taro and Kuma followed the tracks of their team. Then Jiro appeared. Jiro came back because he did not want to leave Taro. Riki Jakku Anko Shiro Kuma Taro Jiro The dogs tried hard to find food. The last one is here. Deri broke free from the chain at last. He followed his team. Then they all came together. The chasms of the glacier are everywhere on the ice field. From these gaps we can see the darkness of the sea. These gaps open and close according to the currents of the sea. The creatures in the water will be pulled up to the ice field because of this force. There they would freeze. Riki and Kuma, both knew that. However, the edges around the gaps are very dangerous. Deri, six years old, born in Asahikawa Goro, five years old, born in Wakkanai EARLY SUMMER DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY, HOKKAIDO UNIVERSITY People are so stupid in Japan. They know nothing about Antarctica and the dogs but they still talk like that. Saying things like 'What a pity'. How tedious. And you Game You shouldn't have given into such foolish whining. What are you going to do now you've quit this job? I haven't decided yet. Do you want to go to Australia? It's just Game It's the Geology department in Melbourne. You can go there for a couple of years, for a change of pace. I appreciate that, Sir. All right, I understand Game If you knew a way to loosen up, you wouldn't have left the university. Antarctica in May. It's a short rest for the dogs. Anko and Shiro became very close. Mirages appear in Antarctica often. Under Riki and Kuma's lead, Taro and Jiro have learned how to catch seals. Seals and Penguins have travelled far to the frozen fields. Winter has arrived in Antarctica.

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