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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Radio Oak FM 107

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Is it here? Hey, we've been waiting a long time. Hey. Hey. We've waited long enough. It's here Game Hey Game Hey. Great! Mr Nonomiya. This has been a rough year for you. I get to see you at last. How is Mr Horigome? He's fine. To be honest, it has been decided that everyone in this place needs to leave today. Leave? You're not waiting until someone else takes over? This is the same as abandoning the base and retreating. This decision had been made after Chief Horigome, Captain Iwakiri and the planning headquarters discussed the issue. It's been decided. I'm sorry, but can you all please hurry? I'll be at your assistance. Unfortunately, we can only withstand this type of weather for one day. We'll transport the equipment with a Beaver Plane. Three of the team members will go with it at the same time. Hasegawa and Take will stay. And they'll be responsible for communication and machinery. Please hurry and pack up, everyone. Ikeuchi, why don't you go with them? Sure. Come on. Good, it's decided then. Act fast, there isn't much time. Each person can only bring luggage up to kilograms. Okay. Be good, boy. Anko, I'll give you a treat. Good boy. Taro, Anko. Taro, hey. Taro, Anko. Anko, come here. Taro, even at the last minute, you're still giving me trouble. Good, Jiro, listen up. From now on you can't treat your new boss like you did to me or Ochi. Anko. Anko, stop here Game Stop here Game Mr Ushioda, you have to check these collars thoroughly. When the second team comes, it would be embarrassing if the dogs were loose. Good point. Good boy Game good Game You like to bite. Can't really do that from now on. You must behave nicely like Jiro. Got it? Be good. Good. Please act quickly. Mr Ushioda, please hurry up. Mr. Ochi. COAST GUARD PATROL BOAT SOUYA US ICEBREAKER BURTON Thank you very much Game First and second observation team, assemble on the deck. The landing deck is ready. The plane has landed. Thank you. Please, please come over here. Where are the dog handlers, Mr Tokumitsu and Mr Toda? The chances of the weather getting any better now look slim. My advice is that you should not stay for the winter. No way, we're here to replace the observation team. We're not giving up. Kamikaze spirit? No, I'm afraid you're wrong. We're only saying that we'll try to make the most of the last chances we have, taking everything into account. These are such fine documents. A dog who likes to bite people? This one is the leader, Riki. This one here's a loner, Kuma. Can I really keep these? Sure, this is what the documents are for. Really? Thanks very much, I'll look after them. Anything else I should be paying attention to? Watch the collars. Collars? Yes, the collars should never be removed. Hasegawa and Take, I'm worried about you two. Mr Hasegawa, thank you for you work. Thanks, I know it was tough work. Seriously. Really, thank you. I repeat, hurry up and take in Shouwa. About the base Game How are the other dogs? The second observation team will proceed as planned. It's okay to leave the dogs there. How about their food? I left each of the dogs enough dried herring and sardines to last them a few days. This dog and her pups are pilots. We dumped the reserve fuel in order to bring them over. Attention, at seven in the morning this ship and the BURTON will retreat to the open sea temporarily. Once the weather gets better we will return to the glacier. The SOUYA, which went to the open sea in order to evade the storm, is now back at the glacier, trying hard to bring the Second Cross-Winter team to the base. The explosives are ready. Do it. Let's go back at full speed. Engines at full speed. Mr Ushioda. I want to talk to you about the collars. We shouldn't have tightened their collars because of something like this maybe happening. If Anko couldn't get his collar loose Game Ochi. Yes. It'll clear up, it should be in time. It'll clear up for sure. Although you're so confident, These ice blocks are huge. They haven't broken up at all. Engines proceed slowly. Engines proceed slowly. It should be okay this way. Attention, crew members of the SOUYA

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