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Friday, January 1, 2016

Firebird Radio Fm

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Goro Game Goro Game Goro Game Goro Game Goro Game Goro Game Go Game Goro Game What do you want? Don't you know who's feeding you? Come on. Go Game Goro. Come on, let's go. Come on, let's go, come on. Come on, move! So useless. Let's go! Such a useless dog. Goro Game Goro, hurry up and come back. Hurry up and come back. If you don't, we'll leave you. Please, come back here. Please, I beg of you. Don't you remember who feeds you? Please, I'm begging you. You get it now, don't you? You seem to understand me. Come on, let's go. Let's get on, follow my lead, Goro. Go Game Go Game Go Game Go Game Go Game Go Game Hurry Game Hurry Game Very good Game Very good Game Go Game What is it? Botnnuten Game Wait. This is something Game written by the students from Hokkaido University, who were given the huskies for training and Mr Moriwa. Let's put them all in. Okay, that's good. On the road back from Botnnuten, the expedition is surrounded by a very thick fog. In such a windless environment, their vision is entirely lost. The world becomes white. The eyes of the three team members are all damaged by strong ultraviolet rays. They contract snow blindness as a result. The expedition did not bring any radio transmitters due to weight constraints. They are as good as dead. Hey, let's stop here. Ochi, are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine. I can't believe that the team has been stopped by snow blindness. How stupid of us. Mr Ushioda. What is it? Can you see anything at all? Only a bit. Where are we now? We left almost two hours ago. I think we should be somewhere, like twenty to thirty kilometres away from the base. Only if the dogs are on the right track. What can you see? Nothing, the fog's too thick. Can't really see anything. I was just thinking. What is it? We should cut Taro and Jiro loose here. Right here? Yes. I think if we let them go back to the base, Chief Ozawa will send us a rescue team. But the priority is that those two need to get back to the base safely. I think they'll be fine. Do you really think so? Mr Ushioda. I understand your feeling, but Game I agree with Ochi's opinion. If Taro and Jiro couldn't find their way, we would have been lost a long time ago. If that's the case, It would be the same if we let them go. It's decided, then. Okay then, let's do this. Taro, good. Good, go on now. Taro and Jiro were brought to Antarctica when they were puppies, a pair of siblings who grew up on the base. Taro, Jiro. Mr Ozawa. Such good boys. Ochl, is everything fine? His condition is serious. Are yv gvys ll rght? Ozaki, are you okay? I'm doing fine. Why don't you guys ride the sleighs back to base? Leave the dogs to us. We're hoping to get back to the base with the dogs all together. Where's the SOUYA, hasn't it arrived already? SOUYA can't move, sir. Mr Ochi, are you okay? Yes, I'm fine. My eyes are just stinging from the cigarette smoke. But isn't it great? You three are doing fine. Hey, good news. Shiro's just had pups. That's great. Are they out already? Still can't get too close to them yet. At the end of December, The SOUYA entered the glacier carrying the Second Cross-Winter Expedition. But when the new year arrived, the weather had worsened considerably. The SOUYA was stuck inside the pack ice and couldn't get close to the base. By February, the SOUYA finally called the US icebreaker BURTON for help. Sleigh? What did you say about the sleigh? BURTON, We are stranded and require urgent assistance. BURTON? You said BURTON, what is it? Hello Game What is it with the BURTON now? Magnetic storm again? Yes. Chief. Did he mean that the BURTON is stranded in a dangerous area? It sounds like it. Yes. Am I hearing right? Even the BURTON is unable to move. It looks like that this team isn't able to move either. Taro Game I'll go and get him. Good. Wait a second. Mr Ushioda. If he goes on acting like this, the guy who is in charge of the dogs on the second team is going to have a hard time. Good. Alright. Should we take a photo? Yes or no? Come on everybody, let's gather outside, The Shouwa has arrived. We're safe now. Hey. Hurry up and lead the plane here.

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