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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Radio West Norfolk

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That is a perfectly good sponge. It's got plenty of life left in it! Fine! Then you do the dishes! Fine! I will! With this sponge! CAM AND MAGGIE ARGUE CAM: I don't want to talk about it anymore. MAGGIE: Why are we yelling and being so grumpy? CLATTERING So we game we lost some momentum, but we'll get it back. I bought a new sponge. Faith and I thought of the perfect job for Daddy. A crepe cart in Harvard Square. Just like they have in Paris. CAM: Mmm. You do make the best crepes. Yes, and I love standing outside in January freezing my ass off for pennies. I like chocolate and coconut. We have that. That's on our menu! LAUGHS And the building is packed with single mothers, and they're always checking in on each other or going out and getting together for coffee, but do they ever ask me how I'm doing? Do they ever invite me to coffee? I'm pretty sure they all got together for wine and cheese two nights ago. I'm sorry, honey. No. I shouldn't laugh at this. What? It is. It's game No. It's funny. It is funny. It's hilarious. I'm pathetic. I'm a pathetic whiner. No, you're not. Which is probably why they don't invite me. Literally. They run away from me. No. Listen to me. They're leery of men. That's all. Especially married men with children. Oh. I'm not exactly married. Am I? We're a family, aren't we? Maggie game What? Is this really how we're gonna do it? You're gonna come home every weekend and then take up residence on the sofa? For now. Maggie game What? We haven't slept together since before my breakdown. I'm dying! You're dying too. You just don't realise it. Cam, I just game Maggie game Oh game Can we game Can we please just get through this phase? Just let's just get through this phase, and then we'll see how it goes. And then what happens? I don't know. What's the end? You move back in here game I don't know. And then what happens to us? I don't know! Where do I go? No. I don't know. All I know is that it's gonna take steady, sustained effort. Yes. y, y answer. It's an honest, honest answer. So, what's this? Some big test? I mean game No. Don't look at it that way. You hate tests. Not if this is what's on the test. CAM: Coolant's a little low. Uneven wear on the tyres. Lock sticks. There's no floor! But it's got a great engine. There's, uh game there's no floor here. And game and the roof is rotted out. I have two small children. It's dangerous. What do you say we close at cash? You deal with the wagon. FAITH: Daddy, Amelia's crying. You always cry. Not anymore. I vowed never to cry again. What's wrong, darling? What's gonna happen to the wagon? Nobody's gonna want it. I thought you were crying because this car sucks. That car sucked too. Remember to speak up, girls. Your great-grandmother was born in . BELL RINGS I propose a game of Crazy Eights after lunch. Yeah! We don't say 'yeah', dear. We say 'yes'. CAM: Thank you, Gaga. That's a battle their mother keeps fighting. And how is their mother? CAM: She's very well. She comes every weekend, but this weekend, she stayed in the city to study for her exams. But we're muddling through. Aren't we, girls? Hm. A.J., will you please tell Betty that the roast is divine? Yes, sir. Do you girls find it unusual that your mother is in New York? She wants to have more career opportunities. Mommy says women can do anything. She's quite a striver, isn't she? We prefer the word 'fighter'. I'm going to go work on the car. The girls tell me it has no floor. It had no floor. I scavenged these from your kitchen vault. Betty said I could have them. Cookie sheets? You still can't step on them. But they'll certainly keep out the cold and detritus. Cam, I'm so proud of you for taking care of these darling girls all by yourself. Thank you, Gaga. I'm mostly using the Lincoln these days. I want you to have the Bentley. The Bentley? Mmm. SCREAMS AMELIA: There are trays where we could eat. Could we eat dinner in the car? All the windows work. There's a floor! FAITH: It smells so good. HORN HONKS Gaga, we live in a rent-controlled apartment. I know that. I pay your rent. And we're very grateful for it.

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